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Hello everybody, I'm back! :)

I boarded the plane and I sat at the window seat. There was a tiny baby cockroach stuck in the window from the outside. It was WHITE.
Xiao jiu drove us from the airport to ahma's house. Wedding preps were alrdy going on.

ASSAM LAKSA ROCKS!! I decided to eat laksa every day in Penang. :)

Xiao jiu's wedding day! In the morning, I went to Xiao jiu mu's house in one of the 8 to 10 cars lined up in a line. Due to some belief in the zodiac, I wasn't supposed to directly face them. Sigh. In the evening, we went to the dinner at the 2nd level of some restaurant. I took the flower the people welcoming the guests were supposed to wear on their shirt and put it on mine instead :)

I forgot what I did.

I went to the pasar malam in Nibong Tebal with Xiao jiu, Xiao jiu mu and Daddy. It was super wow. :D I saw many nice clothes, but I didn't buy any because Mommy wasn't there with me. D; We bought a …
I will be in Penang, Malaysia from 23-12-2009 to 30-12-2009.
First time going on budget airline, JetStar. The flight is at 3.05pm.
Happy wedding, uncle! :D
As a Harry Potter fan, I actually don't want for magic to be real, because I don't want to see Death Eaters flying outside my window and I don't want to be a Muggle.

I LOVE TUDOU! I searched "Family's Honour" on Google, but not even Youtube has it. Viikii is failing too. But Tudou! IT WORKS! YAY!
I accidentally dropped the W.A. Mozart magnet. His head and the head of the violin broke.
I'm sorry, Mr Mozart. I'm trying to glue you back right now.
Ytd, my left ear was damn itchy and my mom said this means an infection. D; If the experience is too horrible, I probably won't get the 2nd pair of earholes.

I think I finally know why I'm so fat. It's bcos I keep drinking water before I go to bed. So I'm swollen... -.-
10 Dec 2009

11 Dec 2009

I just pierced my ears at 2.55pm. The gun was really fun to play with. The pain is about the same as an injection, but it doesn't die down as fast as an injection. I would advise everybody not to think too much before the piercing, or else... there will be much mental torture. I was horrified before I pierced my ears, which made my dad annoyed.
To my friends: if you ever want to pierce your earhole, buy the earstuds and come to my house. I've tried it! It's completely safe.

Sigh I was wondering when the next tag would be... After so long, finally Jolene came by and commented on nail polish.

I'm watching E.U./学警狙击 and after watching 学警雄心 and 学警出更, I'm now liking Sammul Chan hahaha. But he's kind of old. After some time, my heart will go back to Seung Ri, as usual.
Ytd, I went to godmother's house and found my godbro hogging the com again. zzz... Damn bored ytd, cos i forgot that the SPD Charity Show was airing and thot that it was the korean drama. Sighs. I should have went to Jurong Point too...
On the way back, the moon was nice and big. :D I was staring at it until a black cloud blocked it. Then it floated away. Gahs, actually idk whether it was black or not, since it was around midnight and the sky was dark. Maybe I've been reading too many cheem stuff or the emo MSN display msgs of others, but it kind of signifies that whatever bad things you're experiencing, just hang on and it'll soon be over. :)
I saw the traffic police's motorbikes and a taxi with it's boot crushed. OMG. I HATE CAR/BUS CRASHES. It reminds me of my cousin. KNS. I HATE RECKLESS DRIVERS.

1 Dec 2009
I went to Northpoint with my mommy and her friend. This is only the 2nd time I stepped into The Face Shop, but it's alrdy my favourite shop now! Why? Bcos I heard Stylish (FILA) by BIGBANG when I was there! :D It's a Korean shop, but the things there are reasonably priced. The nail polish there rocks. Totally. I tried some testers and there was one with glitter and coloured stars inside. It was hard to get the stars out though. I think they shld separate the nail polish and the stars so that ppl can stick the stars on themselves.


I went to Yishun Public Library from 11am to 3pm for CIP! Nth difficult, bcos nobody donated any music CDs. I found a bookmark in the book I was reading, and I admit that it was actually the bookmark that attracted me to read the book. Haha! It was about a girl growing wings, literally. People have wanted to fly before they invented aeroplanes, but if somebody really had wings, we'd all see him as some freak and put him in an exhibition.
The bookmark made nice shadows on the table, bcos of the mutiple lights in the lib. I counted 6 shadows.

To Yuan Ting, I'm definitely not a weirdo for liking the sky.


I watched "Koizora" (movie). There are some differences in the plot btwn the movie and drama. I think if they're combined, it would make an even better "Koizora". I prefer the the male lead in the movie and the female lead in the drama. I think everybody shld watch the movie before the drama. I watched it in the wrong order, thus making the experience watching the movie less interesting as the plot is almost the same.

I think it's really possible that the world is going to end in 2012. If we continue causing destruction, we're ultimately going to cause our own death. We can see news of floods, earthquakes, typhoons, landslides almost every day. They're all effects of our doings. And just now, I was washing my shoes and was a little shocked, bcos the water was nearly as hot as hot spring water.


Sports carnival today, red house got 2nd. Gah. I saw lots of painted fingernails, esp black. Girls...
Then we went to the Toa Payoa site. I like it more than the AMK site. :) It reminds me of AIPS. Small, but lively.

I went to K-Box for the first time, with Qianyu, Saman and Yu Fang. :D It was quite fun, haha. First time singing into a microphone, so I'm not used to my voice coming out from the speaker. It sounds so different from singing with no mike. But $14.50 for 5h of songs, drinks, finger food and fruits is a little too expensive.

Today's sky
I've just finished watching "Koizora" (drama).
It simply increased my hate for cancer. And road accidents, although the drama had nth to do with it.

I've always loved the sky. Now, even more, after influence from Mika in "Koizora". The sky was esp beautiful in the mornings I was almost late for school. Haha.

Honey and Clover 2 Ep 3
014 The Million Dollar Cat (TnJGoldenCollection)
This is weird, but I just rmbed sth from Body Worlds.
17 Nov 2009 Tue
The guy who did some demo intro said that for foetuses more than 3 months, when they are aborted, their head will be crushed first. OMG. How could I forget that? D; It's so cruel.
Many mosquitoes today. Owch.

Jolene changed her blog URL (AGAIN). We discussed about blog URLs and I suggested or even (jokingly, or else she would kill me). Well, of course they were alrdy taken (and dead -.-). I visited and Orangebob said (quotes Orangebob) "I HATE PINK, ALL SHADES OF PINK! IF I ATTACK YOU SUDDENLY BECAUSE YOU ARE WEARING PINK, YOU ASKED FOR IT!!"

No comments, really.
According to the LHT dictionary, the definition of kids is: those who make annoyingly disturbing noises during a concert.

Annyeong haseyo! (Walau, this word has been stuck in my head for a few days)

Today, I went to "The Joy of Music Making" (A Piano Concert for the Young at Heart) presented by La Petite Touche Ensemble. And on the programme booklet, we see an image of Farmville, an app on FB (what the...?) Haha, the piano teacher, also founder of LPTE, Mr Wong is hooked up to Farmville. This is really LOL.

Hereby, I proclaim my love for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Frederic Chopin. Okay, more like I proclaim my love for their compositions. Chopin: Nocturne in Eb major Opus 9 No.2! <3 (Note: Chopin is pronounced as sho-pun, not cho-pin)

And HEY! The shiny girl (what's her name?) played "The Flight of the Bumblebee"! ;D Shan complained of hunger, and we stopped at Burger King to have our dinner. For the first time, I'm really sick of fries. SICK OF FRIED FOOD…
Thanks Jolene and TYT for your suggestions. However, I won't watch Gossip Girl bcos I dislike angmohs and I won't rewatch BOF bcos I don't rewatch.


Okay, I'm actually watching cartoons now! Isn't that pleasant to hear?
All the childhood memories...

I've watched the Pink Panther and Smurfs. (PINK PANTHER ROCKS!)
I'm gonna watch Spongebob squarepants, Tom and Jerry, Roadrunner and Looney Tunes.

Signing off,
Pink Panther
Ahnnyonghaseyo! :D

I've finished watching Woody Sambo and I'm not sure what to watch next. Any suggestions?

Here's the list of holiday HW:
SS TB & WB Ch 1
E Geo WS (from AsknLearn)
HCL WS (from AsknLearn)
Chem Metals WS (behind notes)
Lit "AMND" essays in point form - P276 Plot Q3, P277 Chars Q1, P278 Themes Q4, P279 Themes Q11; read "To Kill a Mockingbird" & do handout
EL O Level Trial Exam Papers

Upcoming events:
17 Nov Tue: Body Worlds & The Cycle of Life 9.30am-12.30pm Science Centre
21 Nov Sat: HCCO interaction
22 Nov Sun: The Joy of Music-Making 4pm The Lee Foundation Theatre, NAFA (151 Bencoolen St S(189656))
25 Nov Wed: Sports carnival
28 Nov Sat: Kebun Baru Chinese Orchestra 10th Anniversary Victoria Concert Hall
My left ear hurts... D; I don't think I'll be able to pierce my ears for some time. But anyway, it'll have to be after 25 Nov.

Still watching 无敌珊宝妹! :D
Today was O Level CL paper. It was okay. GAH.

I cut my fringe myself ytd. It's a little failed, but HAHA! as long as I clip it up, nobody can see! Anw, it's only A LITTLE failed. So quite okay. Who knows, I can become a hairdresser! ;D
Sunday 1 Nov 2009
Mommy and I went cycling around Yishun Park. In the 2nd round, I was too near to the side of the pavement and I fell, resulting in 2 blue-blacks, 1 of which is the biggest in my life. I also scraped other parts of my body like my left little finger, palms, tummy and thighs. OUCH.

Sunday 8 Nov 2009
I've just finished Smiling Pasta ytd and I loved it! :D I'm liking Nicholas Teo now and I'm now watching Woody Sambo. I also watched the YES 93.3FM 金曲奖! Jing Wong won 1 of the 4 best newcomer awards. Congratulations!
Hmph. I kicked many butts and punched many ppl today.
I HATE 53.
I realized that Laxian is bonded in laughing at me, huh.
Stoning is not a crime. D:
It's strange, but I found myself humming a BOF song when I woke up.

I've been watching Naruto anime and reading Naruto manga. The anime's really slow. But really, the manga rocks! Kishimoto Masashi is probably one of the smartest ppl in the world. Or else, how could he ever think of this amazing storyline? He really amazes me.
Anw, I'm now reading the part where Sasuke is fighting the kages, and I think he's gonna get blind really soon when he's using Amaterasu every now and then.
Today is "Korean day" for me.
Mommy asked me to go AMK Hub for dinner and I had Korean rice cakes. Long and round, kind of cylindrical/tubular. Made of flour.
Then we went to Fairprice and I bought a bottle of kimchi. A little too salty and there's a bit of medicinal taste. Although not all kimchi taste the same, they still generally taste the same. The spicy, salty, sour taste.
Seems like Koreans like SPICY stuff :D I like it.

I opened 4 game pieces from buying 2 McDonald's McValue Lunches. I won an apple pie. If anybody wants the HOLLAND ROAD Hawaii Cruise M128 and AMBER ROAD Malacca Cruise M120, I can gladly give them to you.

Boys Over Flowers ended! D; Sigh, not a very wonderful ending though.
Now watching Momo Love. 大东 cut his hair and it's much nicer now. :)
I know many people are looking like Heidi today. And I'm one of them.
No, I'm not blushing, but I'm not any better than when Heidi is blushing.
Quoted from TYT's blog

The Almighty Jun-pyo’s Misquotes

Episode 1 (Scene #51)

Jun-pyo means: “Don’t touch the whiskers of a sleeping lion,” meaning, don’t play with fire.
(잠자는 사자 코털 건드렸네.)

Jun-pyo says: “Don’t touch the whiskers of a sleeping wolf.”
(누가 잠자는 늑대의 코털을 건드리래?)

Episode 2 (Scene #13)

Jun-pyo means: “If you speak of the tiger, it’ll appear,” meaning, Speak of the devil.
(호랑이도 제 말하면 온다.)

Jun-pyo says: “The tiger’s foot falls asleep.”
(호랑이도 제 발 저린다더니.)

Episode 2 (Scene #22)

Jun-pyo means: “With money, even an ugly duckling can turn into a swan.”
(돈을 칠하니까 미운 오리새끼도 백조로 둔갑을 하긴 하는구나.)

Jun-pyo says: “With money, even an ugly duckling can turn into a heron.”
(돈을 칠하니까 미운 오리새끼도 백로로 둔갑을 하긴 하는구나.)

Episode 3 (Scene #5)

Jun-pyo means: “The early bird catches the worm.” (일찍 일어나는 새가 벌레를 잡는다.)

Jun-pyo says: “The early bug dies faster.” (일찍 일어나는 벌레가 빨리 죽는다)

Episode 3 (Scene #26)

This is the rare occasion that Jun-pyo gets a…
My Love Will Get You Home lyrics

If you wander off too far, my love will get you home.
If you follow the wrong star, my love will get you home.
If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,
get back on your feet and think of me, my love will get you home.
Boy, my love will get you home.

If the bright lights blinds your eyes, my love will get you home.
If your troubles break your stride, my love will get you home.
If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,
get back on your feet and think of me, my love will get you home.
Boy, my love will get you home.

If you ever feel ashamed, my love will get you home.
When there's only you to blame, my love will get you home.
If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,
get back on your feet and think of me, my love will get you home.
Boy, my love will get you home.

If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,
get back on your feet and think of me, my love will get you home.
Boy, my love will get you home,
Boy, my love will get you home.
Today we had our A Math paper. It was quite okay, except for 1 question, that is the (a+1)^3=... That was 2 marks. After the exam, everybody I asked didn't know how to do. Sigh.

The "guhu" bird(s) outside was/were noisy again.

Just watched 溏心风暴. Just wanna say I HATE CANCER. I LIKE THE SONG "My Love Will Get You Home". THE MOTHER IS SO DAMN FREAKING NICE.
Term 4 Week 3
28/9 Mon - EL (I)
29/9 Tue - HCL (I)
30/9 Wed - SS
1/10 Thu - E Math
2/10 Fri - EL (II) & HCL (II)
Week 4
5/10 Mon - Chemistry
6/10 Tue - English Lit (II)
7/10 Wed - Biology
9/10 Fri - Elective Geography
Week 5
12/10 Mon - A Math
13/10 Tue - English Literature (I)
15/10 Thu - MEP
Everybody please pray for my English. I hope I can get at least a pass... I really don't want to retain.

On the bus, Lim Shuen came to sit next to me. But I just couldn't get it out. D; Then she alighted.
I asked TYT,"Do you know her?"
"No. Aiya, she just couldn't find a seat."
"No... I mean. I KNOW HER."
And TYT and Si Xuan started laughing. ><
She's in my Sec 2 HCL class. But I didn't know if she rmbs me, since she didn't talk to me either. UGH! WHY THE HELL DIDN'T I BRING SWEETS TODAY?
Okay. The news just confirmed that there was an 7.9 earthquake in Indonesia.
The fact that we felt it here means that the earthquake is strong enough to kill many people there. I hope they are okay... I'm still feeling dizzy.

Everybody living in Yishun! Did you feel an earthquake just now?
I was shaking my leg, then the table started to shake too.
Phew. I'm glad it wasn't my leg that caused the table to shake.
I just discovered that the movie that Gu Jun Pyo and Ha Jae Kyung were watching in the cinema on their date was "Speed Scandal", which starred Cha Tae Hyun, who also starred in "My Sassy Girl", which OST is "I Believe"!

Yes. It all goes back to "I Believe". It all started when my piano teacher gave me the "I Believe" piano scores, that reminded me of the days when Wong Jia Hui and Xavier were singing this song. I happily took it. I researched on the song. I watched the movie "My Sassy Girl". I found out that the song has Korean and Chinese version. Now I can't stop singing/playing this song.

My posts are getting short. I don't care! :D
Bcos I cut my hair today! I know there's no link! I don't care!

Haha the hairdresser said my hair=3 people's hair. Hmm seems like my hair is growing well! Even though I pull lots of them out everyday when I comb!
Notice that all the ninjas in Naruto run with their arms flying behind them. HAHA!
I'm trying to imitate Kakashi sensei's open-one-eye-close-one-eye (due to his Sharingan). Well, I'm doing it bcos I'm trying not to watch the scary show on the TV beside me.
I'm addicted to Naruto Shippuden nowadays... :D
So today I went to eat RAMEN!!!!!!!!! hahaha
But it doesn't taste as good as the one in the anime.

Btw, I put BIKA tapioca snacks into the fridge. At first it's really nice, but it's heated back to room temp very quickly. SIGH. Next time maybe I'll try freezing it.
I had my piano exam today. It wasn't good.
Many mistakes.
But wth, isn't E flat minor arpeggio in Group 2?!
Now I have angmoh phobia.
Erm, you know what? They're still continuing creating all the noise today. And I think it's coming from YTSS, not my neighbours. It's some ROD thingo, a celebration for Uniformed Groups.

I'm proud of myself (: I've nvr sat on the reserved seat ever since Li laoshi told us about it. However, I'm rather pissed. D; I don't want let other ppl stand, so I took the window seat. But the person who took the outside seat rotated her body when I needed to alight the bus. WTF! I hate ppl like that! Esp when I'm getting this shit although I was just trying to be considerate. Like hello, my bag is bulky and I'm fat. So why are you doing this? -.- UGH!
:D I won the S...

I hear my neighbours' singing. I think they're having some party, USING THE MIKE?!

Okay, so... I won the Stitch-looking toy in the lucky draw done by Yun Wen's SLP group! Wow. Well, I guess I'm lucky! :D

Can't wait for my Seung Ri badges! I bought two. (:

Oh my gosh. I hear them playing "Sorry sorry" now.
my 100th post

Piano practical grade 7 exam on 4 Sep
I can't fail this, although my playing is still lousy now.
Please let me pass this!
I did a super retarded thing today, which I never ever imagined myself doing, that is to not staple a page of my test ans to the SS paper. And it was the SEQ part. And I didn't do SBQ (b). WTF! D; I hate my carelessness a whole lot. I don't dare to tell my mommy. Thanks Hui Min, Saman, Heidi and Joey Wong who were there for me. Mrs Tan is also very nice. But of course, the script couldn't be accepted.

English lesson. Mrs Sng absent.
We were super noisy. The councillors thot of a "great" way to get the volume down, which is hangman. I have no idea how it became naming everyone in Sec 3 Justice to be a part of the ancient China royalty through balloting. And I'm the emperor. Like wow. haha. But there's sth I'm displeased with, that is Mrs Soh being the dowager empress (the emperor's mom). Sigh.

PE lesson. Rong En scratched a piece of skin outta me. She really should cut her nails.
Recess. played more bball with Genith, YT, Mel and Sec3F girls.
Today is "freeze-your-finger" day
Mrs Sng and Mr Nah freezed their fingers on the visualizer.
During lunch before HCL extended lesson, I freezed my hand on the visualizer and wrote 0 degree, 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees and 90 degrees. Fish said I missed Mrs Soh too much. But too bad, I wasn't and am not.

Not in the mood to blog so much, I guess.
Just feel like spurting out all the vulgarities in the world.

Oh yes, talking about cars in EL lesson. I WANT A BMW! ;D
Watching BOF.
Before the show, there was some interview cos Koo Hye Sun got into a road accident and the filming was delayed, so they had an interview with the F4.
They went to Yoon Ji Hoo's house, Kim Hyun Joong pointed out that pagoda in front of the house. He said it's the 多宝塔 which is somewhere in Guangzhou bcos he's the president's grandson so he could do it. Then the host said "Do you know other pagodas?" He actually said "BIGBANG TOP" cos TOP sounded like 塔 in Korean. -.- *shivers at the lameness of Golden Hair*
While on the bus on the way home, I saw Hui Yi at some bus-stop, so we made faces at each other. HAHA!

Now it is 7.11pm, 15-8-09. I'm watching Badminton - Singles men.
Lin Dan (China) vs Kuncoro (Indonesia)
1st round 21:14
2nd round 13:21
3rd round 21:?
Total 3:1! :D
Always rooting for Lin Dan :D JIAYOU!

Xie Xing Fang (China) vs Pi (France) match after this.

Song of the day: Last Farewell - BIGBANG
Really proud of Singapore cos she donated to Taiwan. SINGAPORE ROCKS!

Twinkle Twinkle/Banjjak Banjjak/반짝반짝 - BIGBANG is now ringing in my head.
SuperFish's official time of death: 2.07pm 11-8-2009
Today, I participated in a murder of a little orange fish. I've decided to name it SuperFish, after SuperNut, SuperBread and SuperNut Generation 2.
The flow of blood in its tail was observed by Wen Yan, Jadine, Genith, Joseph and I for a total of 3 times. I only saw the cells anw.
I'm terribly apologetic to SuperFish. I'm sorry. D;
And I super hate those people who left their fish to die on the table and ran away. ARGH. WTF.

Oh yes. I almost forgot. 飞天 actually sounds nice! :D
The day we get to play a BIGBANG song as 二胡齐奏, I might faint.
The building just dropped into the river. I think it was a hotel in Taiwan.
Oh eM Gee. It happened within seconds.
Why floods? Why typhoons? Why bad weather?

Hello everybody! Wake up! Our Earth is going to die! And we're going to die with it! This is a symptom. By eating more vegetables and less meat, you are taking the first step to saving the Earth! (:

I'm so so glad that my class didn't waste time, energy and resources doing unnecessary National Day decorations. So what if we didn't get the prize? It's only chocolates. BLEH.
St Nicks pls! How many festivals do we have in a year? We're constantly changing our decorations for each festival. And in order to win, we use brand new stuff. Say what? You encourage us to use recycled materials? LIKE ANYONE CARES. When will you pls stop making us do all things? It only adds to our burden okay. -.-

I was getting scolded by my mommy, cos…
I was being angry and depressed and disappointed cos the sectional outing was CANCELLED. Ain't that horrible?! D; THANKS TO PANGSEH-ERS.
But after some BB song-guessing time with Mrs Kwon, I'm feeling quite alright again. Though still not in the mood to do Lit crap.

I shall become a Singaporean as soon as I can. :D
I love Singapore much much.
WTF. I can't go to anyone's blog now. Even my own. UGH! D; Now what?!
"We're sorry...... but your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now. We'll restore your access as quickly as possible, so try again soon. In the meantime, if you suspect that your computer or network has been infected, you might want to run a virus checker or spyware remover to make sure that your systems are free of viruses and other spurious software. If you're continually receiving this error, you may be able to resolve the problem by deleting your Google cookie and revisiting Google. For browser-specific instructions, please consult your browser's online support center. If your entire network is affected, more information is available in the Google Web Search Help Center. We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope we'll see you again on Google."

Definition of mugging
Mugging: A Singapore colloquial term for intensive studying; a person who is studying intensively - derived from British colloquial term to mug up.
List of I hate's:
Xue Shi taught me a cool Chinese idiom
"化干戈为玉帛 (huà gān gē wéi yù bó)"
解 释 比喻使战争转变为和平
pls refer to

I'm now watching Chnl U. It's airing 明星志工队, Darren Lim went to Xinjiang, China. Fortunately he went before the riots began. Mission: plant trees in the Tarim desert 塔里木 (I have impression of this name cos I went to some competition in primary school and I had to memorize stuff like that). IMPOSSIBLE? idk. let's wait and see (: Ultimate mission: plant trees in 168 sq km every year :D
I'm kinda devastated. GLOBAL WARMING SUCKS! There's this area in the show, the Laulo chief said that 2 years ago, the CCTV crew had to row a boat across that piece of land, but now the water is completely dried up. If there's still no water in that area for another year, the trees will die, and the land will become barren D;
And there's a river, it has shrunk from the 5km wide river 7 years ago to the 20m puddle now. I'm shocked. D;

I did PISA ytd, and i left my waterbottle in the MPR1 D; i haven't got it back yet. I'M DEPRESSED. I MISS MY WATERBOTTLE. I'M LAZY TO DRINK WATER. I'M DETERMINED TO BE SICK.

Jolene didn't come to school today and she won't be coming tmr. ): feeling lost without her. SIAN. MY MATH SUCKS. D;
shit, i keep forgetting to watch TLOBL on time! now he's alrdy teaching ppl Wing Chun for free in Seattle.

I have the urge to own all the 武侠小说 金庸 wrote. :D He's the legendary writer.
I realize that I'm emotional.
I was reading the news and I could tear. can't stand myself lol.
two deaths

Cancer took away a 12-year-old Marjorie from her family. sian. and her brother is really understanding. the family celebrated the girl's bday every year but her brother nvr got one. but he didn't want one cos he said they had no money. so nice larh.

The other one's Joshua Ang's mum. It's sickness again. D;

I kept saying to myself they are so kelian. but that's not the point.
What I want to say is I can't survive without my mum.
I really shldn't be here, but I couldn't help it.
rofl at my dad
me: "byebye"
dad: silence
me: "oi"
dad: "bye"
dad: "huh? you call me?"

Signing off with Lies MV - BIGBANG...
quote someone from Youtube "I'm sorry but I love you like a donut"
BIGBANG fans are Very Important People, yeah. :D

To my horror, I just found out that we have a Chem test on Thurs. 0.o

ROFL at Janice ytd. She half-sleepwalked when going for dinner, and on her way out she crashed into Mr Gan's drawers, which almost collapsed.

I'm watching this Manwon Happiness show. Idk what it is, but it's some gameshow whr challengers have to complete tasks, and survive with $10 (10000 won) for a week.
For this 2 eps I'm watching, it's SEUNG RI! vs Yoon A from SNSD.

1st ep
2nd ep…
Horrible day. Thanks to Trigo.
I guess I'll just have to work harder =.= I think I was too loud when I said "I HATE TRIGO!" bcos I thought I saw Mrs Soh looking at me. SIAN All Science Teachers are Crazy!

*crack* accidentally cracked my knuckles oww.

I'll change my blogskin when I totally grow out of Kim Bum. That'll probably happen when Chnl U finish airing BOF. (:

Tmr's Lit test and rebuttal test. >< Hopefully I can get at least B4 for Lit and B3 for English.
Too many people are asking to donate their eyebags! PLEASE! I WANT NATURAL ONES!
Here, I shall list out the people who have made a request.
Yuan Ting, Xue Shi, Jolene, Loren, Si Xuan, Janice, Heidi.
I may have left out some. I'm sorry.
So please. No more. Thank you for your generosity. (:
I'm barely surviving! I love Math yes, but not graphs for 3 periods. What's more, with Trigonometry following right after this.

And I need to learn how to not procrastinate on my work. >.< I'm forever wasting my time here. Bye.
Official Handwriting Analysis - Personality ReportThis personality profile is based on the writing of Lee Huai Tian created at the website: Handwriting - Handwriting University's Official automated personality report creator based on standardized basic personality traits as taught through Handwriting University's Certification Level Program. Lee is moderately outgoing. Her emotions are stirred by sympathy and heart rendering stories. In fact, she can be kind, friendly, affectionate and considerate of others. She has the ability to put herself into the other person's shoes.Lee will be somewhat moody, with highs and lows. Sometimes she will be happy, the next day she might be sad. She has the unique ability to get along equally well with what psychology calls introverts and extroverts. This is because she is in between. Psychology calls Lee an ambivert. She understands the needs of both types. Although they get along, she will not tolerate anyone that is too "…
I shall blog about ytd.

I went to Mr Gan's and YES. I WAS TO SIT ALONE. wanted to sit with Janice (fandom makes ppl bond, esp fans of BB). but she wasn't in the room. not sure if the stuff behind me belonged to her, so i sat alone. then a new guy sat next to me. but Mr Gan says he'll block the ppl behind so he made him sit with Janice since he's in her class.
Attempt to sit with Janice: FAILED

suddenly BOOM so many ytss girls came in. i had to squeeze with jiahui and peiying haha. so in the end i was sitting at the table beside Janice. okay, idk what to say -.- everything depends on the ytss girl population.

after tuition, it was BOF TIME! yeah. Jun Pyo kissed Jan Di for the first time at the swings. I asked my mum, "How do they know where to kiss after they shut their eyes?" she said they were alrdy so close to each other. BUT STILL! Luckily Jan Di didn't move, if not Jun Pyo would have kissed somewhere else. I was afraid that he'd miss his target too.

well umm i guess those solutions didn't work... or perhaps I didn't cry enough.
bcos my eyes are back to their original state. i suspect that my eyes were like that bcos i just woke up haha.
sigh. in the afternn i thot eyebags would come out!
WHAT THE CRAP. aaaaaargggggh!!!!!!!!

Last night, I cried. So I thought, how about trying to do the other stuff too?
I drank some water from my bottle. Then I went to sleep at 11.30pm.

This morning, I woke up at 8am. I stared into the mirror. I tried smiling. I was horrified.
AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! My eyes were a little swollen. BUT WHERE ARE MY EYEBAGS?! damn it. as you prob know, my left eye has a small eyebag and my right eyebag is a wrinkled up one which is equals to no eyebag. I SAW NO EYEBAGS! My left eyebag got less obvious and my right eyebag was COMPLETELY GONE.

Right now, I'm confused. What made my eyes become like this?! The crying, or the drinking of water?
I want to cry T.T
I've been asking many ppl how to get eyebags, as you probably know (perhaps you're one of them). Here's the combined answer by my friends.

YT:"Drink water before you sleep. Play com til 12am consistently."
Loren:"Cry over sth. Don't sleep for a night."
Jolene, Xue Shi, YT, Loren:"Why do you want eyebags?! They are so ugly! If I could, I would give them to you!"

Hence, my conclusion is:
To get eyebags, you have to cry, drink, don't sleep.

BUT I DON'T WANT DARK EYE CIRCLES! D; this is frustrating.
ToryPanda hwaiting!
;D ZIYING WAS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yepp, right here at my house. <3
she had my mum's curry chicken, she was always telling me that she wants it. hahaha. then we played mindjolt and neopets games. (: It's been 3+years since I saw her! SHE IS TALLLL.
Thanks for the things you gave me!

D; D; D; D; D; D;
I'm sad. I'm so sad. I'm trying hard to find a method to get eyebags...
I asked YT. she said "play com until 12am consistently!"
I googled "How to get eyebags". But the results only showed "How to get rid of eyebags" and "How to remove eyebags".
Reasons and solutions. But nothing about deliberately getting them. HAIZZZ
I WANT EYEBAGS!!!!!!!!!!

Right after I got out of my dad's car, I saw Yuan Ting! (: And you know, I'm crazy over Seung Ri... So I'm like noticing her eyes. She's got amazingly beautiful eyebags... I want eyebags badly! Someone tell me how! I thought I sleep too little, but I guess that's not enough? Sigh. I don't want it so serious like Seung Ri's, but EVERYONE HAS EYEBAGS! argggh. why do i only have it on my left eye? That's so not symmetrical! And it's not even obvious. D; Sob.
Sorry YT for "haunting" you for eyebags. I know it's not possible for you to give it to me. hahaha. I want natural ones anyway...

Idk why ppl think that eyebags are ugly... They are really cute! It makes me kinda abnormal, not having eyebags... But I have dark eye circles though. I really want eyebags but not too much dark eye circles.

AAH! If I don't eat broccoli, will I get my eyebags? O.o
I'm quite confident that I may change my blogskin to a Seungri one soon. hahah.
A panda has never been so cute before! omgosh <3
"Seungri, Kim Bum and Yoo Seung-ho in new movie

Is Seungri’s career taking off?

Solo act tuned actor, Seungri of Big Bang has been cast in a new film, “71” alongside “Boys over Flowers” backup Kim Bum and young actor Yoo Seung-ho.

Directed by Jo Seung-hee, the film tells the tale of what happened on the morning of August 10th, 1950 when 71 students fought against North Korean soldiers."

I was really happy when I read this... But then, I read another article.

"Kim Bum too busy for Seungri

Well, Kim Bum is just too busy to be in a movie.

The “Boys over Flowers” star has stepped out of the movie, “71” starring Big Bang’s Seungri due to a busy schedule. Filming for the movie, based on an incident that occurred in 1950 in Korea, has already begun. Unfortunately for the film, it cannot wait for the hot commodity.

Too bad.

The combination of Seungri and Kim Bum would probably be enough to fill the seats in theaters…"

Sob I'm freaking dissapointed. D;
I badly want both Kim Bum a…
For many days, this song has been stuck in my head. I haven't been really able to pay attention half of the time in class and even during tests, cos Sunset Glow keeps on playing in my head.

3. Sunset Glow

let’s go yes we’re back again with imunse fresh collaboration 2008 it’s bigbang

geudaen asinayo itjanhayo jigeum geudaega neomu geuriwoyo
gogae sugyeo nunmul humchyeoyo dangsinui ireumeul bulleoyo
kkok ireoke nal namgyeodugo tteonagayaman haenneunji

neoman saenggakhamyeon meori apeo dokhadi dokhan sul gateo

sulppunigesseo byeongiji maeil arha nuwo myeot beoninji naeil
imyeon tto jamkkan ijeotdaga tto morejjeumimyeon saenggangnagetjiman
geuraedo eotteokhae ajik nae sarang yuhyohande
doraolkkeorago mitneunde nan neoman gidarineunde

nan neoreul saranghae i sesangeun neo ppuniya
sorichyeo bureujiman jeo daedap eomneun noeulman burkge taneunde

hoksi geudaega mianhaehandamyeon nae eolgul bogi duryeopdamyeon
girl geureon geokjeong hadeoldeoldeol ma neoramyeon himi peolpeolpeol na

bogo sipeun geudae eo…
Due to YT's complaint (she even showed me the post in which she ranted about it on her blog), I've changed my imeem player to a mixpod player. so now it can play full songs (:
i've yet to do my math hw bcos i have been doing that. mango the DOG?!
Oh no, the job attachment ended yesterday!!!!!!!
I'm now suffering from withdrawal symptoms. sigh...
well, I'm lazy to type... so this is quoted from Yuan Ting's blog.

"Super loved playing Crazy Taxi and Pet Society with Jolene, Huai Tian, Jocelyn and Jia Yun, and laughing at a stupid joke every few seconds.

And disrupting others in the computer labs.

And eating lunch together, watching D-Grayman together.

And being on the verge of pulling our hair out while working on the powerpoints.

And throwing thumb drives around.

And hiding from the camera while snacking.

And walking around finding vending machines.

And wondering what to wear tomorrow.

And being symmetrical.

And losing our way in campus.

And saying "Walau, you SUCK!"

And banging on the 'keyboard slider'.

And listening to Who Wants to be a Millionaire sounds clips for x100000 times.

And being sick of hyper-linking.

And snatching the toilet cubicle with LHT.

And scared of imaginary ghosts in the toilet.

And the sup…
3rd day of job attachment!
damn it. YT was late!!!! we barely had 5 min to walk to NYP SIT from the MRT.
thus later in the day, Jolene and I had probably repeated "It's all your fault" a few hundred times, from crashing our taxis on crazy taxi to nothing at all.

we were all mad about crazy taxi on fb, being crazy drivers who jump their cars over other cars.

today I feel the most accomplished :)
Thanks YT for the website screenshot idea and Jolene for the polaroid picture idea. we did it on ppt and we're gonna print it out tmr. we're so efficient that we got off from work 15 min earlier! :D and the end product is so so pretty that we are so amazed by it lol. the noticeboard'll be a lot livelier COS OF US and our hard work!

didn't really learn anything, except how to jump over cars... hope that the last 2 days will be more fulfilling!

happy birthday to Jocelyn! ;D
job attachment from 22 to 26 June 2009! :D
at Nanyang Polytechnic School of Information Technology
tgt with Jolene, Yuan Ting, Jocelyn and Jia Yun.

ytd first day was quite relaxing.
we took a tour arnd NYP guided by Rosie. we went for lunch at Koufu right after that and had Japanese cuisine. we're supposed to do some ppt based on "who wants to be a millionaire?" on IT.

today 2nd day it was total slack. okay not, we proceeded onto the ppt. Jolene found the sound clips and ARGH she kept playing them to irritate us lol. haha after that, I recorded videos of Jolene and Yuan Ting trying to imitate the real show, with Yuan Ting being the host. xD the funniest part was when Jolene got her 1 million rupiah!
tmr we'll be doing the noticeboard.

hopefully we learn sth >.<
WHAT THE FREAK! that was what I said went I went into Jasmine Lame Jia Min's blog.
sorry being obsessive lah. but i don't care. hahah.
freaking agitated right now. anyone let me bash?

MEP camp!

MEP camp at Tanjong Katong Girls' Sschool on 4 & 5 June 2009!
To all who wants to watch Oklahoma pls go to!

Day 1
trainers Judy (dance), Hui Min (vocals), Angie (introduction to musicals), Alemay (drama).
I don't like Alemay. What's with that revealing shirt and all that shit.
There were ppl from ACSI, RI, RGS, MGS, DHS, and of course SNGS and TKGS.
met quite a few ppl like EMMERLYN!, Rou Hui, Selina, Tat Huey.
Tat Huey gives me a feeling that she shld be one of the Wonder Girls singing "Nobody". hah.

Day 2
trainers Judy, Hui Min, Trey, Alemay.
Emmerlyn was telling me that Alemay's revealing shirt is distracting. so gross. ugh. and right after that, WTH she insulted the RI guy. zzz. wth do you mean by "You're a RI boy. You're smart. You shld do this blahblah" wtf. such a **** >.< we're were so freaking shocked. how can those words come out of a professional? or…


OMG i love Bruce Lee! like totally.
really. seriously.
he rules.

The Legend of Bruce Lee
today is the first episode. i MUST watch the rest without missing anything.
the introduction said about how he died which was a mystery but eventually it was claimed to be fatigue which caused water to be stuck in his brain i think.
what i saw the most important line is Bruce Lee wrote the word kungfu into English dictionaries.
okay now i really want to learn wushu :D sigh
anw those angmohs in TLOBL are really annoying. feel like bashing them up. those assholes.
proud to be 黑眼睛 黑头发 黄皮肤 的 中国人! 龙的传人!

I heart Sec 3 CAMP!

I want nobody nobody but you!

yay dajie and erjie! (HEHEHEHEHE)
Helsinki=capital of Finland

Day 1
jolene, yuan ting, melissa and i got the place beside the stairs. it was a little cramped haha.
After lunch, we did Navy Seals and we lost T.T our lollipop was totally... *plop* (lollipop = wooden pole + hula hoop + newspaper)
There was this "SyNerGistic Leaders" thingy.
After that we went for shower! (: They weren't so cruel la. They gave us 45 min to shower for each major. I'm sry Le Ting and Zheng Min for showering for 10 min >.< Then we had dinner.
campfire prep. SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY! yeah!
De-brief was also campfire prep leh. we got this yueniang and chenxi getting isolated cos chenxi achoo-ed into yueniang's dish. i think it's called rebang udang.
supper was yay cos of milo <3 but MS susan LIM said crap which lasted really long.

AHH SHUCKS. the more i think, the more i miss dajie and erjie and the camp!

Day 2
woke up before my alarm …


(: Thanks
Verbs, Kim Peng, Yuen Yee, Hussain, Jillian the sexy hot babe, Li Ting, (Wong) Jia Hui, Cheryl Loh, Miao Qi, Chew (Shi Yi), Esther,
Khia Yi, Magdalene, Zia Wei, Jacky, Kim San, Shan, Wei Nie, Serene, Wai Mun
for wishing me a happy birthday!! ;D

Best of all, thanks mummy for the lollipops i've been ranting for for like a week or so?!

暗戀 - 張智成






Gold with HONOURS!!

Singapore Youth Festival 2009 新加坡青年节2009
Central Judging of Chinese Orchestras (Secondary Schools)
华乐中央评审 (中学级)
Singapore Conference Hall 新加坡大会堂

GOLD (G) - 15
SILVER (S) - 21
BRONZE (B) - 10

Day 1 Session 1
20 April 2009 (Monday)

S/N Name of school Time Results
1 Boon Lay Secondary School 9.00am S
2 Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) 9.20am G
3 River Valley High School 9.40am G
4 CHIJ Katong Convent 10.00am S
5 Chung Cheng High School (Yishun) 10.20am GWH
20 minutes interval
6 Swiss Cottage Secondary School 11.00am G
7 Bedok South Secondary School 11.20am S
8 Bukit Panjang Government High School 11.40am S
9 Jurongville Secondary School 12.00pm B
10 Coral Secondary School 12.20pm S

Day 1 Session 2
20 April 2009 (Monday)

S/N Name of school Time Results
11 Manjusri Secondary School 2.00pm S
12 Anglican High School 2.20pm G
13 Siglap Secondary School 2.40pm B
14 Holy Innocents' High School 3.00pm B
15 Pasir Ris Se…


argh can someone get me a punching bag for my birthday pls?

I haven't forgotten 7 April. DAVID YOU SUCK.
wtf. i hate him. i rushed to iluma from sch like shit but i still didn't get the autograph.
ARGH i shld have asked kah wei to help me get it... sorry kah wei and jia hui. you could have gotten it. argh.

okay SYF is coming up in 3 days... our SYF is 22 april.
so yea wish us luck. what's with the Dunman High Sch and Ngee Ann Sec Sch behind us. sigh.

Jiayou SNCO. Gold with Honours. i hope so.

HCI-SN CO interaction!

Today we had Hwa Chong Institution - St Nicholas Chinese Orchestra interaction.
The weather's friggin hot. sigh i was sweating like a pig back there.

Met with Shan at bus interchange at 7.10 although i was supposed to go there at 7am hah.
Then she nagnagnag at me like some lao ah ma. Then the damn thing was the stupid driver drives so slowly!! i estimated it to be 55km/h lol. We arrived at the bus stop at abt 7.55?! DAMN THAT GANTIAN AND SHAN. the road was somewhat inclined and i was going slower and slower but they didn't wait for me AT ALL!

found more ppl at the clocktower and Mag led us to the SALT centre. annoying Verbs.

Xianyue/laxian went to a room with 1 air-con and 6 fans though it was not really big for 6 fans. was discussing that matter with gantian. lol. then some HC guys came in. we ignored them and they ignored us.

We went to the dazu place which is the Music Room. OMG LA! T.T SUPER BIG CAN. WHY OUR MUSIC ROOM SO TINY! donate to us not hwachong! haha! they're damn r…


This feeling is never felt before! Gosh, I'm damn excited when there's still one week to April 7th! But it's on a Tuesday and I have CCA until 6.30pm! ):

7TH APRIL 2009
7 PM
ILUMA SHOPPING CENTRE (Opposite Bugis Junction)

*SCREAMS!* I think I'll just stare at David and wonder if he's real. COS IT'S UNBELIEVABLE OMG!


imagine that you're stuck at the top of a tower (like rapunzel) and then the bottoms burning like anything, the tower was about to be engulfed in the flames.
how can u escape? XD!

Stop your imagination!

social experiment [(NAME) I LOVE YOU!]

I did this "experiment" on the online people then.
Read the conversations below to know what's going on.
MY display name is ★♥ (tu)`小王子<3    (:
Verbena's is Verbena.

★♥           (tu)`小王子<3    (: says (9:25 PM):
Hi Hussain I LOVE YOU!!
Shahid; I'll make every second count:
"WTH. why so random"

Verbena says (9:26 PM):
i say
Verbena says (9:26 PM):
hi benita
i have a secret to tell u
i love you
then she say
awwww i know you do HAHA.

★♥           (tu)`小王子<3    (: says (9:26 PM):
no you don't do that.
just say
hi (name)
Verbena says (9:27 PM):
ok fine

★♥ (tu)`小王子<3    (: says (9:29 PM):
--WEIHAN-- says (9:26 PM):
?? WTH!?!?

Verbena says (9:29 PM):
denise say
then i say
cos i love you
then she say
why the sudden announcement

★♥           (tu)`小王子<3    (: says (9:29 PM):
i'm doing to my godbro too
Verbena says (9:30 PM):
then what he say
★♥ (tu)`小王子<3 (: says (9:41…


today during bio lesson, Ms Leong made me stand up cos i was talking to the Jolene behind me.
wtf la. she's so damn unreasonable.
-.- i finally realized that this type of teacher is more unreasonable then those who ask you to share what you told your friend.

SIGH. i'm damn suei lah. nvm...

hha and know what? i really didn't know that Molly is her nickname.
let me share a hilarious story.
everyone calls her molly leong so one girl thought it was her real name. she went into the staff room and asked politely for "Ms Molly Leong" but got scolded by the teachers. However, she didn't know what was happening and why she was getting scolded until her classmates told her.
It'll probably happen to me too if i didn't read this. ahahaa

Pls join the facebook group: Molly Leong was my bio teacher

PS her real name is Leong Choon Fah i think.


HA HA! Guess what happened during CME lesson?
So damn hilarious.
Mrs Soh asked us to write down words that can be found in the word "leadership".
e.g lead, leader, hear, aid, heed, dare, leap, pals, pride, peers etc.
who knew that a word appeared on the board and nearly made me rofl.


okay. moving on.


Huai Tian


it's 2009!!

whee! Happy New Year guys!
3 Justice is a nice class! wahahha.

Announcing the teachers...
Form + e math + a math teacher = Mrs Rosalind Soh
English = Mrs Maria Sng
HCL = Mdm Li Lan
Bio = Ms Molly Leong
Chem = Mr Paul NAH
Elective Geog = Mrs Josephine Sherwood
Social Studies = Mrs Brenda Tan
E Lit = Ms Vinitha Nair
MEP = Mr Jonathan Cher + Mrs Tham Chuan Chuan

haha. we've also got new teachers-in-charge for Chinese Orchestra!
now it's Mr Gan Tok Tin (retiring soon), Mdm Goh Siew Ngoh, Ms Cheryl Cheong, Mr Paul Nah, Mdm Suah Jun

i've got really interesting classmates too!!
we've also got 3 Jolyne/Jolene/Jolynn Tan s and 2 Joeys!
WOW. (lol)



why am i doing this... -.-
waha haha HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
it's finally 2009! and it's the time for sufferings... yyepp.
however, i found 3Justice to be much likeable. haha. Mrs Rosalind Soh is the form teacher. But her make-up is a little.... (ahem)
Best of all, Kar Wei and Kar Yee beside my class. hooray.

Okay. I'm bored. I'm lame.
I went for CIP in December 2008 with Verbena.
The one at Yishun library was the most fun. There were 3 Cat High guys and 2 Cedar girls there. 1 Cat High guy said he saw Verbena before... 0.o
Anyway, I did the borrowing machine and keying in of the e-notification info. It's really fun...
Hmph, the only thing sucky was that librarian! *puke SHE IS HORRIBLY MEAN. she refused to fill in our CIP forms and said "we don't need this." GAH HOW COULD SHE!

Actually before that, we went to Yishun Library before. But Verbena told me that we didn't need to register or get permission!! grrr then we couldn't do any CIP that day. wasted my ti…