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Showing posts from November, 2010
After CO camp, I saw Jolene, Mel and Weilu. J PULLED me to take a pic. I tried to run away. J PULLED. J LET GO. I fell. It led to my bloody left knee and a scraped right knee.

BLOODY hell. (This reminds me of Ron Weasley!)

Mdm Suah and Mr Nah were in front. They insisted on applying first-aid to my knees. Thanks, even though the blood on my knee is still not clotting now, 5 h after my fall.
I've finished watching "Ouran High School Host Club" anime. It was great.
The first half episodes were entertaining and funny, but I thought they were rather meaningless. I was wondering why Desiree liked it. The last few eps made me see why. They showed the problems the ppl of the prestigious and wealthy families faced esp Kyoya-senpai and Takami-senpai. At first, Takami-senpai looked like an idiot to me (in fact, he is) but in the last few eps, he reminded me of somebody. USUI TAKUMI! :D Both are illegitimate children. His tragic background made me admire him because he's a cheerful idiot. ... I mean, despite his tragic background, he's remains cheerful, positive and he changed people such as Kyoya-senpai and the Hitachiin twins.