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A poor bird was murdered by a crow in the sch during mass. But luckily its companion was rescued. They bought another birdie to accompany it. Rest in peace.
Now let's mourn. Sorry for the late dedication.

(mood switch)
YIPPEE! it was fun! i took mrt to sembawang with sharon, then joanna's dad drove us to Science Center. he was really diff from my dad. cos my dad drove at 100km/h while he drove at 60 km/h. BIG DIFFERENCE he always put the signals. Had fun making bacteria glow like jellyfish, eating mcdonalds, touching the parrots, going to i-space and waterworks.
But missed the fun at the waterworks cos i didn't bring extra clothes ;(
took mrt home with zhang di & xin yun


YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 JUSTICE 2008
sharon's in my class! and i'm deskmate with her again (in pri 6 we went to same chi tuition)

On the 1st morning jog, someone bumped into me and i fell ;( boohoo my knee hurts... OUCHHH! she asked me if i was alright. i regretted that i told her i was fine! unusually, it's reddish with a yellowish dent. WALAU!PAINFUL! esp when i put medicine ;(
zhenzhen forbid me to tear the dead skin off, but i still did. HAHA
;( now it really hurts. sob
ouuchr. still in the midst of pain.

teddy!goodnight, xXx, byebye.