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I'm depressed... D: I can't find the telecinema movie 19-nineteen ANYWHERE, even though it was released in South Korea on 11 Nov 2009. Seung Ri's the lead :)
I also can't find BANGS short comic translated into english! D:
Since the Total Defence has this "I WILL" thingy this year, I shall do one too!

I WILL do my family, friends and myself proud.
I WILL study hard.
I WILL do my homework.
I WILL excel in Math, Science and Chinese.
I WILL not show off.
I WILL not dislike or hate everything in this world.
I WILL drink lots of water.
I WILL spend less time on the computer.
I WILL love BIGBANG and Seung Ri forever.
I WILL fulfill my promises.
I WILL not waste money and time.
I WILL learn taekwondo.
I WILL learn to write with my left hand.
I WILL not be so childish.
I WILL practise my arithmetics.
I WILL inspire others.
I WILL be healthy and live to 100 years old.
I WILL not complain.
I WILL sit and stand in good posture.
I WILL not scratch the mosquito bites.
I WILL read more books.
I WILL improve myself to be a better person.
Hi today I think I'm gonna make some dedications to some people who sorta inspired me in random order. Not like they'll see this anw -.-

You are weird. Yes, you are. Thanks for letting me read your 阅读集成! :) Although I only read that only one on "灯" by 尤今, the 感想 you wrote inspired me. I rmb you wrote sth like "I do my best to fulfill my role of a student. ... We cannot earn income now, so the only thing we can do is to study hard." I cannot deny that you are more mature than me. Thanks for inspiring me :)

One person who works really hard for a nice-looking result slip. You never talk during lessons. That's an impressing feat. I just can't stop talking, esp with Ruei Ern beside me. Stop me please.

I forgot who else. I shall stop here.
And another thing, if you didn't study hard for a test, you didn't score well, and still dare to grumble and complain, stop it. You have no right to do that. I have the urge to punch you. Really. And if y…