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29th April was SYF Arts Presentation. We played the set piece, 海之韵 (Rhythm of the Sea) and choice piece, 鄱阳湖渔歌. For 海之韵, I played gaohu and for 鄱阳, I played zhonghu. So now I know how to play all three hu's! Haha.

I made a really obvious error during my gaohu solo part in 海之韵. When I played the second note, I moved my finger down too much, so the note was totally wrong :'( I think it might have been 1 tone higher. Oh my god. I'm sorry YJCO... My playing wasn't good to begin with... I always made this 杀鸡 sound. :( I did bring the gaohu home to practise, but it wasn't enough, I didn't practise enough. My playing was so horrible that I shut the windows, locked my door and practised in my room. My ears have always been sensitive to high-pitched and loud sounds, plus I played so horribly in a closed room. Can you imagine what torture I did to my ears? Another reason is I was busy with SL stuff, like SL camp. Although in the last week I finally cut down to killing at…