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My MVP Valentine

I'm watching MVP Valentine. It was aired in 2002 so it's really old now. The fashion style in the show is really different from now. All the girls wear long skirts and have outdated hairstyles. The boys' style isn't really different.

My fav char is Duan Chen Feng, acted by Johnny Yan! He's a national bballer in real life :)

Taekwondo grading. I want a double promo!


Okay. So now I'm in TJ. :)
Orientation is fun but there's too much cheering. I want to stay in Klycan! I like Klycan a lot. Klycan wolf, alpha, lightning element. I really want BCME! There's fun ppl in OG5. My OGLs are Jia Hui, Yik Boon, Clarissa, Lan Xin, Xin Ping, Sheng Hong ,Gordon and Ivan. And they're great :)


Happy CNY!