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HCI-SN CO Interaction! It was really great fun. It's the most fun one I've gone to so far. I'm glad I went :D It's the last one of my sec sch life.

I was late. ><
I saw Shi Min, Kai Sing and Kar Yee at the 3rd bus stop.
We got lost. ><
We walked aimlessly and finally reached the SALT Centre.

I was in Group 2 tgt with Darien, Kia Yuen, Jasmine, Fabian, Haolin and Keif. At first, I thought they would be very dao, but later found that they were rather active :D Icebreakers were extremely boring (as usual). We didn't play whacko because our group was too small.

Sectionals! We practised 龙腾虎跃 and 喜唱丰收.

Dazu! Shan was abnormally hyper about 红绸舞曲 and 采茶灯 so she kept coming over to share seat. Inevitably and eventually, she grabbed the scores from her buddy, Darien.


GAMES!!!!! :D :D We were given a clue sheet for the 15 stations. The solutions to the clues are the places where the games were. We only managed to solve some clues, we just happened to be the…
I've been reading Detective Conan manga for quite a while now. Gosho Aoyama's brain is really amazing to think up all these complicated murders. The result of that is that Kudo Shinichi is my current fetish. :D

I'm disappointed in myself though. I don't have the self-discipline to stop reading the manga. D:
Both Yu Rou & Qian Yi were late. For 1 hour. -.-

We went "swimming" from 11+ to 2+pm. Or shld I say "playing"? It was drizzling, fortunately no lightning alert.

Then we went indoor rock climbing :D It was half price because of the rain = $5.35! $0.35 being the GST. YAY! It was fun. But I nvr reached the top, cos I suck. haha. My conclusion was that I was too fat for my fingers. Fingers were sore and palms were red. It's really difficult to climb barefooted/ with socks. Proper equipment would be specialised shoes and a chalk pouch.

I met Hwee Young & Hwee Chiat there. No surprise, but Hwee Chiat didn't recognise me -.- They were damn pro, but I think if Yu Rou trained for 1 week, she can beat them :D There was this very pro uncle, with his very pro son and his very pro son's pro friend. The son's friend was 3rd in some rock-climbing competition.

I didn't know it was really possible to climb with your body horizontal to the ground. That's …
Today I had MEP lessons and Hannah lent me her "CHOPIN Etudes for the piano"! Thanks so much :D

After I photocopied the Etude in Gb major (Op. 10 No. 5)/ Black Key Etude, I met Qian Yi & Yu Rou! :D They were rollerblading. Then I joined them :D We went to the bball court. Yu Rou said "We play together." to those Malay boys (Note: it's a ".", not a "?") ROFL. Soon we went off rollerblading again. My rollerblades somehow can't move very slowly & I kept lagging behind because of that. I predict muscle ache in my calves. Qian Yi said "Your father likes us because we make you exercise" HAHA Yes, I agree.

We're meeting again tmr to swim at Yishun SAFRA, then we'll go indoor rock climbing! :D

Btw, shld I change my URL (sorry) to :D
Currently watching 《熊猫人》, directed by Jay Chou (his 1st attempt at TV series). Low ratings D:, but I like it :D.

The show gave me motivation to practise piano every day. :D And I checked the pieces in "Secret" and I have the burning desire to play Chopin's Black Key Etude <3 someday. Perhaps in 2 years' time? :D yay.

The video below features George Li playing the Black Key Etude. He's only 15 years old. *faints* But he started learning the piano from 4 years old and learnt the piano for 11 years. Hopefully, I can be as good as him someday!