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My first line ever!

Today's 26 April 2017. It's 1 day after my birthday.

Yesterday, I went to the Tanglin set to act as an extra (JC student/ customer) at Tanglin Coffee House. I had to wear and bring a total of 5 different set of clothes D: The reporting time was 8am but I was late, again. (I know... Bad habit... Need to change) I underestimated how slow public transport is zzz. I did add a 10 min buffer time to the Google Maps estimation, but I left house 10 min late, which meant no buffer, and I was late for about 25 min. Seems like a 30 min buffer is needed? What's more, it was at Infinite Studios, a location I've never been to. And it's damn ulu I had to walk for 15 min to get there from the bus stop.

When I reached, I saw Mei Na, and she told me there's actually a shuttle bus from one-north MRT station Exit B. =.= Well, at least I'll know next time. Mei Na told laoshi i.e. Director Lim that it was my birthday.

I had to go try on the school uniform. But as fat as I am, th…