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-.- Ytd i went cycling with my mum and raced with her..
Guess who won? NOT ME!
... But obviously she won bcos of her bike has much bigger wheels than mine...
my bikee is blue and foldable ;]
but i don't know how to use the gears -.-
so we were on our way back... there was this narrow bridge where thr were walls on each side leading to the traffic lights. i somehow lost control of my bikee and i scraped my knee against the wall... and so both my knee and the wall got bloody.. ;]
My knee has got scratches and blood on it. the wound not very deep lah... now it's reddish brown... looks like yam..
Now my knee's okay.. but i didn't put any plaster or medicine.. It heals by itself ;P ok i know it's kinda lame but i'm not lame cos i can walk... like duhh -.-

very sleepy gotta go wash my shoes before i fall asleep lo!