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Alice in Wonderland!

I watched "Alice in Wonderland" today with Jolene, Heidi and Melissa at Plaza Singapura GV. How I LOVE the quotes. So inspiring and funny :)

Alice: This is impossible.
The Mad Hatter: Only if you believe it is.

The Mad Hatter: There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say to survive it: You need to be as mad as a hatter. Which luckily I am. The Red Queen: Off with their heads! The Red Queen: I love a warm pig belly for my aching feet. The Mad Hatter: [speaking to the Red Queen] What a regrettably large head you have. I would very much like to hat it. I use to hat The White Queen, you know. Her head was so small.
The Red Queen: It’s tiny. It’s a pimple of a head. Cheshire Cat: I never get involved in politics. The Mad Hatter: Have I gone mad?
Alice Kingsley: I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are. The Mad Hatter: I’m investigating things that begin with the letter M.Alice Kingsley…
Hi I think Mummy is right. I shldn't just say that I want to go HCJC but not do the things needed for me to go HCJC.
Conclusion: I shall not blog or MSN unless necessary. (Definition of 'necessary': school projects or homework)

Is this what they call what? Oh, hiatus. That's right. On hiatus. :)
Jiayou for all!
FIGHTING! I love Seung Ri! :D