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I went for the Singapore Experiential Tour, 1 of the 3 things I have to complete in order to become a Singapore citizen. I took Bus 16 from TJC to SMU, saw daddy waiting there.

We walked to National Museum of Singapore. We were given lanyards to put on so we could be identified easily. We went through this Singapore Historical Gallery. It was boring. I was also a little annoyed by the tour guide Irene's lisp and because I knew most of the things alrdy.

We took a coach to Urban Redevlopment Authority. Daddy was given 2 free admission tickets to the museum. Students have free admission so I was given any. We were guided by an older facilitator Marcia Ho. The tour there was also not very interesting. We had our tea break. I think that Singapore treats new citizens well, but is this where the tax goes?

We took the coach to Parliament House. It was damn cool. The facil was damn funny too. Quotes from her include "If you walk from here to there, you can see that LKY g…
JCTs finally ended. I know I suck I didn't study enough. I never felt this helpless before, because iin sec sch, I could pass w/o studying.

Omg, I'm watching My Queen now. Eps 16 and 17 are really awesome. It's about Xiang Yun's death and Lucas saving Mei Huan. He had to cut Mei Huan's throat with a Swiss knife and do "Breathing" through the tube from a pen. I'm not sure if this really happens in real life though. O.o Walau make me cry =.=

Anw I'm quite annoyed right now bcos I've clicked on "Publish post" many times but it doesn't work. Ok it was probably Internet Explorer. Firefox rocks.
I just watched a video about a guy on "Korea's Got Talent". He is an orphan. He relied on himself since 5 by selling things on the street. I can't even imagine that. I doubt I can survive like that. The first time he went to school was in high school. Before that, he just took the exams without going to school. He is awesome.

Mummy told me that when I was young, I said that I wanted to earn money and buy houses for homeless people. I totally forgot, but now I am going to work towards that dream. This motivation may not last, so I will try to motivate myself every day. Naruto also said before something like we are stronger when we are fighting for somebody else.

I have a new dream. I want to let every child have education, at least until Sec 4.
I really need self-discipline. I know I need to get As, but I didn't study. Idk why I'm so addicted to dramas, Twitter, FB and Youtube videos. I couldn't get off them. Now, there's only 5 days to JCT. I'm really screwed, but I will try to make good use of my time left.


Mummy asked me what I wanted to get for daddy. Usu I don't give them stuff. (I know I suck, but mu money was given by mummy, which means I'm using their money to buy stuff for them. It doesn't make sense! And I'm too shy to do nice things for them anw.)

I said idk at first but then I thought why not a computer for both of them? The about-to-break-down PC is full of viruses and anti-virus windows keep popping up which annoys the hell out of me bcos I have to keep on closing them.

So I looked thru the newspaper and decided on the Samsung laptop that's really affordable ($899) since mummy said it doesn't have to be as good as my HP laptop. But when we really got down to…
28 to 29-5-2011

I had class CIP at Sundown Marathon 2011 at Changi Exhibition Centre, as suggested by Mr Poh who's the ! :D
Although it was very busy, and we were all sweaty and sticky, it was really fun! If I can go next year, I will definitely go :)

Haha I did many jobs. 1st job: Give 10km medals. 2nd job: Give 100-plus. 3rd job: Give bananas. 4th job: Give 24km shirt and medal. 5th job: Mark runners' bibs. YAY! :) Hahahaha. So fun! They gave us a lot of food too. Dinner: rice box. Supper: 1 fried chicken drumlet, 2 nuggets, 1 small curry puff. 3am (breakfast?): 1 slice of cake, 1 doughnut ball, 1 (idk what it's called, it's a small hollow bread with chocolate cream in it). And I had ice-cream too! Trying to make us fat?! I also drank 2 cans of 100-plus.

After the marathon ended at abt 8+am, nobody wanted to go RSAF Open House w me :( Even Mr Poh didn't want to go anymore. So I wanted to go home and sleep for a few hours and go by myself, but I overslept until 4+…
I finally finished watching My MVP Valentine. And I have to say it's the best drama ever! :D But it should cut down on those scenes where the leads are near each other but miss each other by just a few centimetres.


My MVP Valentine

I'm watching MVP Valentine. It was aired in 2002 so it's really old now. The fashion style in the show is really different from now. All the girls wear long skirts and have outdated hairstyles. The boys' style isn't really different.

My fav char is Duan Chen Feng, acted by Johnny Yan! He's a national bballer in real life :)

Taekwondo grading. I want a double promo!


Okay. So now I'm in TJ. :)
Orientation is fun but there's too much cheering. I want to stay in Klycan! I like Klycan a lot. Klycan wolf, alpha, lightning element. I really want BCME! There's fun ppl in OG5. My OGLs are Jia Hui, Yik Boon, Clarissa, Lan Xin, Xin Ping, Sheng Hong ,Gordon and Ivan. And they're great :)


Happy CNY!