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I just finished watching 20's. It's a mini drama starringgggggg Ki Kwang from BEAST and Lee Da In. Ki Kwang acted as himself and the drama is about how they tried to date secretly. I think it's a good reminder that idols are youngsters and in the falling-in-love stage, so fans should be more supportive of their idols' love life/privacy. Also, it's a reminder for fans to stop dreaming of marrying their idols, or to expect their idols to only date other idols.

Fans should probably blame themselves for hallucinating too much haha. Let go if you have to, like Ga Young.

It's pretty good for 4 episodes of 20 min drama... Their dating scenes were very sweet. And they managed to pack in so many kiss scenes in 80 min. The comments on Viki were distracting yet amusing. And I think Ki Kwang's lips are way too thick.

The Exodus

Just broke camp from CBLC FAC 2014 The Exodus. It's a 4-day camp. I disliked the food wastage during the wet games and it was really disgusting. The station games in school were not really fun. They're just tasks to do and you have to compete with other OGs. The weather was also sweltering, so I was always sticky from running around school. I had more fun during the 3rd and 4th days during the Amazing Race and beach games. But the beach games today at Sentosa's Siloso Beach left me with burn lines on my face and wrist. Note: BURN lines, not tan lines. I have a neck tan line too. It was only a few hours from about 10+ am to 2+pm, and I applied sunblock before the games.

My OGL was Eric (Tan Yan Zhou) and my AOGL was Renee! The seniors were Jeryl, Xiao Wen, Elizabeth (whose nickname was 一粒沙白 lol), Edmund. OG mates were Benjamin, Sarah, Samantha, Fiona, Hui Min, Lan Ruo (who left for China after the 2nd day breakfast due to a family emergency), Eric (Sim Juan), Wen Xin, Huang…