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The Exodus

Just broke camp from CBLC FAC 2014 The Exodus. It's a 4-day camp. I disliked the food wastage during the wet games and it was really disgusting. The station games in school were not really fun. They're just tasks to do and you have to compete with other OGs. The weather was also sweltering, so I was always sticky from running around school. I had more fun during the 3rd and 4th days during the Amazing Race and beach games. But the beach games today at Sentosa's Siloso Beach left me with burn lines on my face and wrist. Note: BURN lines, not tan lines. I have a neck tan line too. It was only a few hours from about 10+ am to 2+pm, and I applied sunblock before the games.

My OGL was Eric (Tan Yan Zhou) and my AOGL was Renee! The seniors were Jeryl, Xiao Wen, Elizabeth (whose nickname was 一粒沙白 lol), Edmund. OG mates were Benjamin, Sarah, Samantha, Fiona, Hui Min, Lan Ruo (who left for China after the 2nd day breakfast due to a family emergency), Eric (Sim Juan), Wen Xin, Huang Qing.

I was the closest to Hui Min and Sarah during the camp, but on the 3rd day when the fun starts, Hui Min fell sick, was vomiting and having diarrhoea, and had to go to the A&E, which meant I had the single room to myself for the last night. The room in Raffles Hall wasn't as stuffy and hot as I expected, but there were lots of mosquitoes :( that only attacked me but not Hui Min who was just right beside me. Argh blame it on my high body temp and forgetting to apply repellant.

I have a good impression of Benjamin, because he was thoughtful and offered to help me carry my 1 litre water bottle in his bag during Amazing Race. Because I brought a pouch instead of a small bag. So I had no bag to contain it (lesson learned). Thanks Benjamin! He also asked me if I'm okay when I was walking the slowest after the beach games when we were going to the Palawan Beach washrooms. Then I told him it was just that my bag was really heavy. Actually, it's also because my clothes were all wet and sandy after the games, so I was carrying my bag on only my right shoulder in an attempt to not dirty my bag. Then I gave up and just carried it properly, haha. Eww salty camp bag.

My skin is feeling tight now. :/

Anyway, NUS totally deserves its nickname as National University of Stairs. It was really tiring to walk from places to places. I had expected my weight to go down 1 kg, because I ran a lot and I didn't eat supper like the rest, except to steal a few fries or snacks to ease the hunger. BUT WHAT THE HECK I THINK I GAINED 1 KG INSTEAD. I just cried/whined over it because it was so unfair that others can eat supper yet stay skinny. T.T Okay feel like crying again. walao.

Upcoming camps are Union Camp and Science Orientation Week. I'm unsure if I want to join those camps because I heard that the Exodus was less tiring and less disgusting than those big camps. Those camps are expected to give us less sleeping time and more disgusting activities during wet games. Oh well, maybe I'll not be able to do wet games, heheheh.

Got into KE7 double room!!


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