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Showing posts from January, 2010
Yay! So cool right? I love Seung Ri!
I think it's more serious... I woke up during my sleep to go to the toilet 3 times. I could sleep throughout the night on the first day...
So Mommy told me not to go school and we went to see the doctor. I got MC for 18,19-1-2010 and excuse from PE on 20-1-2010. The doctor said no milk, no oil, no spicy stuff ):
After I ate the medicine, I became better and went to the toilet only once. Yay.
I'm still having diarrhoea! I went in another 6 times today. I lost the 1 kg.
How! Mommy says people can actually die from diarrhoea. I don't want to die before I'm 100 years old...
I didn't study hard enough in Pri 6, I couldn't get into Nanyang Girls' School.
I didn't study hard enough in Sec 2, I couldn't get into triple science.
If I don't study hard enough in Sec 4, I can't get into Hwa Chong Junior College.

I won't make it happen again, so I have to study hard!
I will believe in myself. I can do it!

Remember my dream. Always. FIGHTING!
Finally, finally. We poured out our thoughts about Mrs Sng to Li laoshi. Ugh. Hopefully we can change our English teacher, or else it would surely affect our class' distinction percentage or maybe even the passes.

I had diarrhoea. I went in the toilet 6 times. I lost 2 kg. TADA.