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Showing posts from October, 2010
My free writing essay was cliched.
My speech was usual.
My comprehension was okay, except for vocabulary.
I couldn't finish my summary, but I still hope I can get A1. I hope I can go to HCJC.
I better stop crying and study.
7 days left to EL Paper. There's too little time left for humanities. I can't get into HCJC after all huh. I told myself not to regret what I've done. I'll just do my best. I doubt that I can become a doctor if I go to AJC though. I'm scared because I actually don't want to become an accountant. If I can't become a doctor, I'll be miserable all my life. What shall I do now...
I only want to be a doctor. I only want to study Medicine or related stuff in university. I most probably want to be thoracic surgeon or a gynaecologist.

I want to buy a 12-storey house, but I don't want to climb the stairs everyday nor a lift. So I just want a 4-storey house in Singapore with a swimming pool. Yay. I considered having one in Malaysia, but apparently there are security problems.

I want to get into Hwa Chong Institution (Junior College).

I don't want to regret.

Please study hard and build up your self-discipline, Huai Tian.