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Showing posts from August, 2011

I went for the Singapore Experiential Tour, 1 of the 3 things I have to complete in order to become a Singapore citizen. I took Bus 16 from TJC to SMU, saw daddy waiting there.

We walked to National Museum of Singapore. We were given lanyards to put on so we could be identified easily. We went through this Singapore Historical Gallery. It was boring. I was also a little annoyed by the tour guide Irene's lisp and because I knew most of the things alrdy.

We took a coach to Urban Redevlopment Authority. Daddy was given 2 free admission tickets to the museum. Students have free admission so I was given any. We were guided by an older facilitator Marcia Ho. The tour there was also not very interesting. We had our tea break. I think that Singapore treats new citizens well, but is this where the tax goes?

We took the coach to Parliament House. It was damn cool. The facil was damn funny too. Quotes from her include "If you walk from here to there, you can see that LKY g…