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29th April was SYF Arts Presentation. We played the set piece, 海之韵 (Rhythm of the Sea) and choice piece, 鄱阳湖渔歌. For 海之韵, I played gaohu and for 鄱阳, I played zhonghu. So now I know how to play all three hu's! Haha.

I made a really obvious error during my gaohu solo part in 海之韵. When I played the second note, I moved my finger down too much, so the note was totally wrong :'( I think it might have been 1 tone higher. Oh my god. I'm sorry YJCO... My playing wasn't good to begin with... I always made this 杀鸡 sound. :( I did bring the gaohu home to practise, but it wasn't enough, I didn't practise enough. My playing was so horrible that I shut the windows, locked my door and practised in my room. My ears have always been sensitive to high-pitched and loud sounds, plus I played so horribly in a closed room. Can you imagine what torture I did to my ears? Another reason is I was busy with SL stuff, like SL camp. Although in the last week I finally cut down to killing at…
Yesterday was Po Po's birthday! So we all gathered at her house.

Met my aunt downstairs, the first thing she asked was how's my studies. I shook my head. She told me to just do my best and take it easy. A bit later Ren Guang uncle joined us, and he also said the same thing. Do my best and if I fail, well there's nothing to regret about. At most you can say is you're not smart enough. But that doesn't apply to me. I'm not stupid. I just don't try hard enough. I'm not doing my best. I can't cry when I fail a test if I did not put in my best because I deserve it.

I've just got to start the momentum of doing homework and studying every day and keep that momentum. I need to overcome my laziness and procrastination!! I've already repeated JC1, and I still haven't learnt my lesson. A Level is coming soon! Come on Huai Tian, I know you can do this. It's in you. But it hasn't come out yet, and you've got to make it come out. Your pote…
I have been really stressed these few days because of many things going on in such a short period of time. And it's March holidays. :/

SYF. Music exchange. I hate gaohu because it's so damn high-pitched. I hate my playing because it sounds like I'm killing a chicken. >:(JC2 scholarships form.I'm gonna do morning announcements next week. :/ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhPMS. I'm forever angsty.I forget to do stuff and my mum scolds me. Actually even when she talks properly to me, I still raise my voice at her, because I'm stressed :( Sorry I don't really want to tell my mum because she works the whole day. Sigh. Thank goodness I can rant to my friends.

Oh yeah, and Ms Irene Lim's stressing us further!! She wants to strike a deal: if PF and I don't get 65% for the next lecture test, she gets to keep our FLs for a week. :/ noooooooooooooooooooooooo
I missed one week of lessons during Dec holidays last year, and one week of lessons during Orientation this year. This made me lag behind in my schoolwork. Or maybe it's just me, I did not try hard enough to catch up. I didn't make good use of my holidays to catch up and study in advance when I knew that I would miss lessons.

I'm such a procrastinator. I don't have the self-control and self-discipline to make myself sit down and study. I would start to play with my phone or anything on the desk. :( I really need a supervisor.

Yesterday, I went to study with Snorlax. He was the one who replaced the battery in the clock in our classroom. :') Then he told me actually he studies more efficiently alone. He's just helping me to study, making me study. Sigh. Thanks a lot, really. But I'm feeling guilty that I'm dragging him down, because he really doesn't have to do this. ;( I have much to learn from him.

His choir juniors, Jia Wen and Joey were also at We…

Celebrating Values Day 2013!

Wow. Tiring day today.

My class did Gladiator! People might look slow and noob up there, but when you play yourself, it's really tiring! Much energy is spent climbing on the heightened platform thingy and the weapon is so heavy and bulky. It was really fun though, I got to fight with Guan Hoe, Khairul and Syakira :)

SL booth was selling slippers sponsored by Mdm Suryati.

TALENTIME 2013! It will be an unforgettable experience for me. I've always wanted to sing in front of a crowd, and I got my wish! It's more difficult than it seemed... My voice through the mic and speakers sound very different and not that nice compared to me hearing my voice. And I forgot some lyrics T.T Tough competition too, so didn't get into Top 4 finals. :( Thank you Pengfei, Joel and Chang Liat! :)

New Year resolutions

Hello Huai Tian! Time to write New Year resolutions! This time you have to follow them. Please.

Have self-discipline.
So that you can control yourself from spending too much time on your phone, FB, Twitter, Whatsapp. You need to use this time to study. If not, spend the time doing more meaningful things like playing the piano, reading, reflecting, thinking, learning, blogging and exercising.
Remember that you have a dream to become a doctor. You have to get straight A's in A Level, which is tough. You need to put in the effort! If you do your best, no regrets. Time can't be turned back, and life is too short to have regrets. I know it's hard to push yourself to study, but it will be worth it.
 Lose weight until 50kg! Argh!
Actually, everything ultimately links to having self-discipline and managing time well. You've got to plan your time well and then follow the plan to get things done.
Your appetite needs to be smaller! Hahaha. You've eaten too much during the holidays,…