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Earthlings 地球上的生灵 documentary review

Today, Director Lim/ 林老师 (who is a vegetarian) shared a video in the Fb group 'Living vs Acting'. It was about two 17-year-old Chinese girls who turned vegan at 14, and have started their own non-profit organisation where they make vegan cookies, and donate the revenue to save animals. All of these started when they watched the 2005 documentary Earthlings 地球上的生灵.
I knew I had to watch it. FYI, I love eating meat. But slowly, I am cutting down. I first became vegetarian during 初一十五, the 1st and 15th days of each lunar month, because these were especially sacred(?) days for Buddhists. Now, I have been eating vegan on 初一十五 and vegetarian on every Monday for a while now. I know that one day, I will eventually become vegetarian. (Sorry, I find being vegan quite hard to maintain, because so many things contain milk, but I will progress towards it.) I started doing Meatless Mondays because my close friend Pengfei had been going vegan for a few months. That encouraged me to do it, albe…