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Oh My Venus 오 마이 비너스

Ep 14. I can't stop crying even when the episode ends. I can't even eat while watching it, so I switched to another show for lunch. Crying does not go with meals. I love Joo Eun and Young Ho and their relationship. I haven't finished watching the drama, but it is already added to the list of my favourite dramas.

Zero no Tsukaima

It's recess week. I'm supposed to study, but ended up rewatching the first 3 seasons of Zero no Tsukaima, as well as the 4th.

It's a wonderful anime. But I really hate that it's a harem anime, and that Saito is so unfaithful to Louise. UGHHH!!!!! Bastard. You really live up to the name "pervert dog" huh. (although we shouldn't be insulting dogs) Initially, I really didn't like Louise for being so violent, and whipping Saito all the time, but when Saito kissed Queen Henrietta twice when he knew very well it was the Queen he was kissing, I swear I hated Saito for that. I did not even count the time when Saito kissed the Queen, thinking she was Louise. Disgusting and forgivable. Same for the Queen. Call yourself Louise's childhood friend, and what the heck are you doing? Idiotic disloyal 'friend'.

What pisses me off more is that Louise forgives them too easily!!!!!!! Give her a while, and she just goes running back to Saito, and Saito always …