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Zero no Tsukaima

It's recess week. I'm supposed to study, but ended up rewatching the first 3 seasons of Zero no Tsukaima, as well as the 4th.

It's a wonderful anime. But I really hate that it's a harem anime, and that Saito is so unfaithful to Louise. UGHHH!!!!! Bastard. You really live up to the name "pervert dog" huh. (although we shouldn't be insulting dogs) Initially, I really didn't like Louise for being so violent, and whipping Saito all the time, but when Saito kissed Queen Henrietta twice when he knew very well it was the Queen he was kissing, I swear I hated Saito for that. I did not even count the time when Saito kissed the Queen, thinking she was Louise. Disgusting and forgivable. Same for the Queen. Call yourself Louise's childhood friend, and what the heck are you doing? Idiotic disloyal 'friend'.

What pisses me off more is that Louise forgives them too easily!!!!!!! Give her a while, and she just goes running back to Saito, and Saito always says he won't look at other girls anymore. And he'll just do it again. And so he kissed Tifania! -.-# I know this kiss was to seal the familiar contract for him to become Lífþrasir so that the plot can go on, but HE DID NOT KNOW THAT, AND HE KISSED TIFA. WTF. This anime has too many disloyal girls who betray Louise. The worst is the stupid Queen, because she seduced Saito behind Louise's back, and wanted to meet with Saito regularly through the wretched mirror at the basement of Saito's mansion. I was totally in agreement with Louise's decision to seal the basement shut with wooden planks and nails. I literally clapped and said "Well done Louise!". Though now I think she should have just made the stupid mirror explode. That's why the Queen is the WORST! At least the other girls openly declare to Louise that they like Saito, and are going to fight with her over him. Tifa is just overly innocent, and just places her ridiculously huge boobs everywhere. She did restrain herself for a period of time, and she's also the one who realises that the bond between Louise and Saito is too strong for anyone to interrupt.

The flaws of this anime are that after ZnT Futatsuki no Kishi, Louise and Saito seemed to have just forgotten about their wedding at the ending of that season! What?! Jeez. His life may have ended once, but he's still Saito! -.- How can you just conveniently ignore that touching wedding? :'( Also, no country would be so stupid to park a fighter jet so close to the fence of a military training area. The fighter jet could be seen from the road omgosh! And the security of the air base was so weak, nobody even tried to stop him. Ha. And Saito easily stole the jet awayyyyy, and flew towards the solar eclipse.

All that being said, I always cry during the war scenes because I'm touched by how Saito can die for Louise, how he thinks there is no meaning to live on without her, and how he thinks of only Louise when he was in a dangerous situation or about to die. At least Louise is irreplaceable for Saito, despite his love for big breasts. Haha. Hence, I am somewhat satisfied at the ending of ZnT F, because Saito proposed to Louise in front of everybody, including those idiotic girls who like him. And they could finally be alone on their honeymoon to Tokyo! To go to his home :) And hopefully meet his parents. Because there were absolutely no mention of Saito's parents, nor him missing his parents.

I hope there's another season, and I hope that the story will continue with them in Tokyo.


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