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I miss you, daddy

I was watching The Return of Superman, when the naughty Donggook appa plucked Seola's hair and tickled Sian with it.

I laughed at how he's so naughty. Then I got reminded of the times my dad used to play with me. He was one naughty dad too. And sometimes I kicked him in retaliation on the bed. As time went by, my kicks got stronger but he got weaker, so I could not longer kick him with full strength anymore. I suddenly felt so sorry for kicking him so hard. I miss daddy so much. It sent a flood of tears.

NUSBS Management Committee

Yesterday, I went to my first Tuesday meditation session held by NUS Buddhist Society. I've only joined NUSBS this semester, and I usually go for the Wednesday sessions only, but this week I was swamped with stressful thoughts so I thought it would be good for me to finally go, since I wanted to go anyway.

Guess what. After the 1 hour mindfulness session, they suddenly asked me to join the exco. Lmao. Now I'm in NUSPE exco, nuSTUDIOS subcomm and NUSBS management committee all at once. Lolol.

Honestly, what pulls me through school is the thought of attending CCAs after school. I can't understand those people who have no CCAs at all. I guess they really like studying.

Lol, but they didn't have any positions for me. They were just asking "what can you do? How about publicity/welfare?" haha. They're mostly Year 1s but I'm still glad I got to know them. Hopefully we can get closer in this semester. I've always wanted to join a bonded exco.

Update: I…
Ah Cao, my nephew, has been working in SG, and tonight he came over to have dinner together with us.

While we were walking back home from the coffee shop, I suddenly missed Daddy a lot.

My mum sometimes asks me if I miss ah ma or daddy. Usually I don't really feel particularly sad or anything. Perhaps numb. Idk.

Sometimes it just gets me at random moments.

I miss you a lot daddy.

And I can't imagine what I'm going to feel when one day Mummy leaves too. Then I thought of how my ah ma has passed away recently too. My mum has also lost one of her parents recently.

I should treat my mum better.