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well guess what, my dad was real funny as usual until...
i asked him,"do u have muscles?"
well,what do u think he said? yes,no,maybe?
he said,"i'm not selling my house."
ya know the ad for one with the muscular guy naked selling his house.
that's why...i realised: my dad was SUPER funny.

that ends this post. yippee! lollipoppie! bye.


at Cameron Highlands from 26 to 30 November:

daddy drove for 7 hours to tapah, then like usual i ate KFC ;D
the meltz damn nice... then 1 hour up the mountain. my uncles and cousins live there.

jia wei is such a crybaby, cries everytime i borrow his ball -.-
jia jun so damn cute!! ;D but i don't understand what she's talking
Shin Koay! a new friend, she's from penang,whr my ahma lives. she's jia wei and jia jun's cousin.
i couldn't watch initial D, so sad... cos no dvd player...

my mum gave 2 pringles to my 1st uncle, then that ah qiang korkor ate it all... so my mum gave 2 more, then lucky that ah qiang nvr see ;D then ah zhou share one pringles then jia wei ate so much. then he always say sore throat or stomachache, when it comes to eating he says not painful anymore. don't keke la u 假假

jia jun so cute, once she called ah xin and korkor tgt, it became ah xin korkor.

How to avoid an exam you know you are going to fail

YAY!had fish curry for lunch...yumms!
got this from sherrilyn's blog... HAHA!! damn funny
How to avoid an exam you know you'll fail 1. Grab the exam paper,run out of the class and scream,"I've got the secret documents!" 2. Talk the entire way throughout the exam.Think aloud,debate with yourself which ans is correct. When asked to stop,say I'M SO SURE U CAN HEAR ME THINKING,then start saying what a jerk the examiner is. 3. Play music from ur phone at MAX VOLUME. 4. On the paper,ans each qn with ans like "this qn is against my religious beliefs" or "this qn is non-halal" etc. (be creative) 5. Run into the room,breathe a sigh of relief and say,"They've found me,I've got to leave the country!" 6. Take the exam paper,tear it.Then ask for another one.Say u lost the first one.Do this every 15 mins. 7. Every 5 mins into the exam,collect ur things,move to an empty seat,and start doing it again.Try to push people out of their seats if there…


-.- Ytd i went cycling with my mum and raced with her..
Guess who won? NOT ME!
... But obviously she won bcos of her bike has much bigger wheels than mine...
my bikee is blue and foldable ;]
but i don't know how to use the gears -.-
so we were on our way back... there was this narrow bridge where thr were walls on each side leading to the traffic lights. i somehow lost control of my bikee and i scraped my knee against the wall... and so both my knee and the wall got bloody.. ;]
My knee has got scratches and blood on it. the wound not very deep lah... now it's reddish brown... looks like yam..
Now my knee's okay.. but i didn't put any plaster or medicine.. It heals by itself ;P ok i know it's kinda lame but i'm not lame cos i can walk... like duhh -.-

very sleepy gotta go wash my shoes before i fall asleep lo!