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How to avoid an exam you know you are going to fail

YAY!had fish curry for lunch...yumms!
got this from sherrilyn's blog... HAHA!! damn funny
How to avoid an exam you know you'll fail
1. Grab the exam paper,run out of the class and scream,"I've got the secret documents!"
2. Talk the entire way throughout the exam.Think aloud,debate with yourself which ans is correct. When asked to stop,say I'M SO SURE U CAN HEAR ME THINKING,then start saying what a jerk the examiner is.
3. Play music from ur phone at MAX VOLUME.
4. On the paper,ans each qn with ans like "this qn is against my religious beliefs" or "this qn is non-halal" etc. (be creative)
5. Run into the room,breathe a sigh of relief and say,"They've found me,I've got to leave the country!"
6. Take the exam paper,tear it.Then ask for another one.Say u lost the first one.Do this every 15 mins.
7. Every 5 mins into the exam,collect ur things,move to an empty seat,and start doing it again.Try to push people out of their seats if there are no empty ones.
8. Threaten the instructor to let u copy someone's ans,or his wife dies,etc.(touch wood)
9. Get everyone to do a KALLANG WAVE!
10. Spit into the paper and leave the room.
11. 5 mins into the exam,hand in an empty paper and walk out, commenting on how easy the paper was.
12. Do the exam in TAMIL(if u dunno how to write,it's just CURLY WURLY words)
13. Bring a black marker. Return the paper with everything blacked out. Claim it's a printing error.
14. Every 10 mins,clap twice.When asked why,reply"the lightbulb goes above my head when I get the answer is hooked onto a clapper.DUHH!!"
15. Once you get the paper,scream to the examiner,"I DON'T UNDERSTAND ANY OF THIS! AND WHO THE HELL ARE YOU??!WHERE'S THE REGULAR GUY!?!GO HOME!!"
how dumb?very.
PS:I love 9&13!!


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