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OMG i love Bruce Lee! like totally.
really. seriously.
he rules.

The Legend of Bruce Lee
today is the first episode. i MUST watch the rest without missing anything.
the introduction said about how he died which was a mystery but eventually it was claimed to be fatigue which caused water to be stuck in his brain i think.
what i saw the most important line is Bruce Lee wrote the word kungfu into English dictionaries.
okay now i really want to learn wushu :D sigh
anw those angmohs in TLOBL are really annoying. feel like bashing them up. those assholes.
proud to be 黑眼睛 黑头发 黄皮肤 的 中国人! 龙的传人!

I heart Sec 3 CAMP!

I want nobody nobody but you!

yay dajie and erjie! (HEHEHEHEHE)
Helsinki=capital of Finland

Day 1
jolene, yuan ting, melissa and i got the place beside the stairs. it was a little cramped haha.
After lunch, we did Navy Seals and we lost T.T our lollipop was totally... *plop* (lollipop = wooden pole + hula hoop + newspaper)
There was this "SyNerGistic Leaders" thingy.
After that we went for shower! (: They weren't so cruel la. They gave us 45 min to shower for each major. I'm sry Le Ting and Zheng Min for showering for 10 min >.< Then we had dinner.
campfire prep. SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY! yeah!
De-brief was also campfire prep leh. we got this yueniang and chenxi getting isolated cos chenxi achoo-ed into yueniang's dish. i think it's called rebang udang.
supper was yay cos of milo <3 but MS susan LIM said crap which lasted really long.

AHH SHUCKS. the more i think, the more i miss dajie and erjie and the camp!

Day 2
woke up before my alarm …