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Ep 15.
The thing that made decide to watch Healer instead of other dramas was the YouTube videos of Jung Hoo and Shin Young cuddling. (Yeah, I watch the kiss scenes and skinship collection first.) From now on, I shall #bolster when I feel lonely from watching such scenes because I will cuddle with my bolster instead :/ waiting for my one true love while enjoying my singlehood hahaha. It's not that dramas have raised my expectations to unrealistic levels. Nobody has ever liked me and I have never liked someone. I don't even know how I'm supposed to know if I like someone. Will there really be telltale signs like in dramas? Faster heartbeat? But my heartbeat is quite fast to begin with. We shall see.

Btw they should not have gone to bed so fast! What are these dramas teaching people?! The Dramabeans recapper was happy for an offscreen bed scene. For me, that's the max. Don't wanna see the people I have a crush on act in bed scenes haha. I'm possessive.
Ep 14, 5.25am.
"Daebak", said Jung Hoo, half-unconscious. "What kind of dream is this?" after seeing Young Shin.
You know, I've been thinking. Jung Hoo doesn't have any friends to help him, and he's always alone. So... that means... the arrows pasted on the rooftop floor to lead Shin Young to the hard drive and in Ep 11 all the candles on the floor in the cinema must have been done by him right? HAHAHA it's funny to just imagine him, the Healer, doing this kind of thing.

To be honest, I thought all those things in the cinema were prepared for another couple because I was really hoping that Jung Hoo wouldn't risk getting his face seen :( You shouldn't have done it, Jung Hoo...
This is the way to watch drama, man. I'm watching Healer on Gooddrama which splits each episode into 4 parts. After every part, I read the recap on Dramabeans. It helps because the recapper is usually more observant and experienced to pick up the small fine details that I didn't. Or the recapper would interpret it in another way that I wouldn't. It also helps that the recapper knows Korean, because in Ep 10, Jung Hoo as Healer breaks into Moon Ho's penthouse apartment and discovers a booklet titled "Healer". Apparently, the Hangeul was about some reporting truth in media motto, therefore Healer was actually an underground vigilante publication.

Btw, still falling in love with Seo Jung Hoo, Healer, Park Bong Soo and Ji Chang Wook.

He's damn handsome

At ep 9 and I'm greatly charmed by Seo Jung Hoo after the transformation. Maybe because his hair is gelled up and his forehead is showing? I don't know. Arggggggh Ji Chang Wook!!!!!!!!! He's damn 帅 here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was cute to begin with, with the bangs covering his forehead. I may have a thing for neatly gelled up hair and uncovered foreheads haha. If I usually don't find many people handsome and I actually blog about it, he is actually damn handsome, charming and good looking. Gahhhh. Can't express how much I'm charmed.

Edit: I just googled handsome, and out comes a bunch of ang mohs who are honestly not good looking to me. Not even close. They might be closer if they shaved. Hairy guys and guys with long hair really turn me off.

Oh and I googled Ji Chang Wook and there was an image of him with abs, but in Healer, he's totally skinny. To me, the perfect body would probably be somewhere in between, skinny but with some muscles and not buff.

Healer 힐러

Currently I'm watching a Kdrama called 힐러 and it's starring Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young. I've liked JCW since Smile Again (I noticed he had dry lips in that drama haha random) and PMY since City Hunter. And you know what? Healer is like a City Hunter-ish Spiderman in Superman context because Healer likes to hide and parkour like a Spiderman, and Healer went to work at the same company as Shin Young where she works as a journalist to investigate.
I'm a sucker for childhood sweethearts plot lines. I wish I had one too. Hahah. I first started this drama because I watched clips of the couple snuggling together, and that seemed so comfy and sweet. I'm envious of their relationship :'( I love the martial arts and parkour in the drama too.