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Happy birthday Heidi! :D

I met up with Jolene at Bishan Circle Line platform. I was 3 min late, but she was later -.- travelled to Serangoon then Kovan! Kovan Melody was just outside the MRT station. Heidi brought us in, wearing her Little Miss ___ shirt and FBTs. The security guard made one of us (Jolene) fill in the paper, then we walked past swimming pools to Heidi's home.

We went swimming! :D Jolene didn't swim, she was on dry land and took pics with us in the water. (How is that possible?! But it was done.) We had lots of fun! I lost all 3 races -.- ugh. FAIL! We played with the noodle Heidi's daddy brought down. Jolene took videos of Heidi and I jumping into the water. :D

Games~! I LOVE TREASURE HUNT! It's such a cool game... :) It was organised by Heidi's daddy. *envious* D: Then we had riddles and pictionary. And our group (Heidi, Jolene, Min Xian, Alicia Choo and I) was the winner! :) Thanks for the prizes and…
I went to mama's house. Zhenning led me to his new laptop and played MapleStory. He freaking leveled up from lvl 1 to lvl 23 in just 1 day.

Daddy, mama, baobei, mommy, zhenhong, zh's friend and i went to Queensway Shopping Centre. Mama bought a swimsuit for my birthday :D I'm totally gonna swim every week. :D :D THANKS A LOT! Mommy bought a blue Adidas water bottle for me. I feel full of happiness! :D The stuff there is quite cheap compared to other places. The 750ml bottle was only $9 but I think I saw it somewhere in NorthPoint it was $12. ZH and friend went dancing.

We went back to the Jurong West home and ZN was still playing MS. He was in a party with Zhenyu and they were shouting across to each other haha. And I had to do my homework - pathetic D:

We went for dinner at Old Town in Jurong Point. I shared Nasi Lemak and Assam Laksa with mommy. The nasi lemak was spicy :) I also ordered ice-blended blackcurrant :) We went to POPULAR and ZN and I headed to the CD s…
It's been a week after SN-VS CO interaction...

Kia Yuen, Shi Min and I took Verbs' mom's car at about 7.08am from the AMK MRT bus stop to Victoria School. We arrived at 7.25am, which was way before 7.55am. We thought we were the earliest, but apparently Xue Shi was alrdy in the school, so we were actually 2nd earliest. They refused to go in -.- until Yu Ting went in, followed by all of us. We stood at the foyer for a while, then we sat by the pond.

We went to the auditorium. We could feel the effects of global warming, despite the air-con and fans. We were grouped and played icebreakers. My group consisted of Coco, Melody, Si Han and I from SNCO, Darren Ther, Edwin, Ernest Lim Jun Wei, Clement from VSCO, Joanne and Stanson the facils. The group esp the guys was super dao... -.- so it was damn sian, couldn't wait to get out of it.

We had sectionals. love 飞天 esp the fast part! We only had 3 songs (喜唱丰收, 飞天 and 林中夜会) to practise so time was passing by rather slowly.