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Now, I've decided to stay in JC i.e retain or transfer, because of Zhen Yu gor gor's advice. I realised that whenever I listen to some advice, it's very likely that I'll lean towards that side. People's comments and opinions really affect my decisions a lot.

I emailed YJC 4 days ago, AJC and NYJC 3 days ago, but they haven't replied yet. So today I called their general office and YJ and AJ told me to wait for their reply, while NY told me that they have never accepted transfer students. I asked," So do I wait for your reply?", but the guy told me the same thing again. I guess that just means NO.

Mrs Lim has told me that AJ might be difficult to get in, and asked me to try SR. I'm just trying for AJ. Right now I'm down to 2 JCs and I really hope YJ will accept me. A few ppl have told me that confirm can, but I'm worried that even though my O Lvl COP is quite low, my promo results will cause them to reject me.

Lesson learned: never think tha…
On 7-1-2012, mummy and I went to meet the VP. We found out that I passed the Bio paper and failed the Chem paper. So the paths I could take were only poly or retain. Idk about transferring to other JCs/MI though.

Mrs Lim told me there was a Bio course in SP and NP(she couldn't rmb what was the name of the course) that can actually lead to NUS Med. I totally couldn't believe it, but went home and found out that there were only 3 ppl in NP who made it to NUS Med.

So I thought that I'd choose Accountancy in NP to play safe and I like math. But mummy asked her friend who works as an audit manager, but he and his wife recommended me to take commerce in JC instead, because there's little chance of getting into NTU Accountancy from poly and he observed that his company mainly accepts NTU Acc grads. I've never heard of commerce offered as a subject, so I went to Google it, then I found out that JC stopped offering commerce subjects since 2000!! Now, only polys and MI offer…

New Year resolutions

2011 has been a really fast year, it zoomed right past me without me realising what I had done to my life.

Why I failed:
Never needed to study with a lot of effort to get good results. In pri school, just had to redo my worksheets and read through my TBs. Also, I didn't have internet at that time. Maybe that's why I was always in the top three in the level. In sec sch, I only studied a day before tests or exams. It was the same for O Level. My results were no longer fantastic like in pri school, but I could still pass easily for math and sciences. I kept failing my humanities though. Now in JC, I probably couldn't get used to the fact that I had to put in much effort to do my hw and study. I only studied one day before JCTs, three days before my promos and more than a week for my supp papers. Preparing for the concert was one reason--> left with half a month. I kept telling myself to go study, but I get hooked into watching dramas or shows on my com. Also, some people a…