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Remembering Lee Kuan Yew

What I wrote on the Straits Times tribute wall:
"Although I don't totally agree with your ways, I know there is no perfect politician in the world. Thank you so much for contribution. Also, I am very impressed and envious that you are such a great husband and sibling. Your love for your wife and family has touched me deeply. Fourth time crying today because you are the national grandfather. You left us in the wee hours. Could it be that you didn't want to alarm our people? Thank you, thank you and thank you for contributing your whole life to improve our country and our lives. I will continue to pray for you. Rest in peace and hope you are happily reunited with your wife. Since years ago, I was worried about Singapore's future after your departure. I hope that Singapore will continue to develop like the way it has under your iron fist which I think was necessary. Please look over us. Thank you for doing what you have done. Goodbye Ah Gong."

I really feel the mise…