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28 to 29-5-2011

I had class CIP at Sundown Marathon 2011 at Changi Exhibition Centre, as suggested by Mr Poh who's the ! :D
Although it was very busy, and we were all sweaty and sticky, it was really fun! If I can go next year, I will definitely go :)

Haha I did many jobs. 1st job: Give 10km medals. 2nd job: Give 100-plus. 3rd job: Give bananas. 4th job: Give 24km shirt and medal. 5th job: Mark runners' bibs. YAY! :) Hahahaha. So fun! They gave us a lot of food too. Dinner: rice box. Supper: 1 fried chicken drumlet, 2 nuggets, 1 small curry puff. 3am (breakfast?): 1 slice of cake, 1 doughnut ball, 1 (idk what it's called, it's a small hollow bread with chocolate cream in it). And I had ice-cream too! Trying to make us fat?! I also drank 2 cans of 100-plus.

After the marathon ended at abt 8+am, nobody wanted to go RSAF Open House w me :( Even Mr Poh didn't want to go anymore. So I wanted to go home and sleep for a few hours and go by myself, but I overslept until 4+…