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I went to work for the second time, at Swissotel Merchant Court (SMC) for the first time, as a banquet waitress for the first time. It was very tiring, right from the start.

I had to exchange my IC for a key, a card and a piece of paper. Then with the piece of paper collect my clothes. Then I had to change. I met two Malay girls in the toilet beside the lockers. And then I saw Angelique in the toilet! :D It was a surprise. I was so glad that I knew somebody there. Angelique was made to serve the VIP tables. She has worked since Nov.

The senior manager made me serve drinks to the guests at the reception area. The round tray, despite only with 4 to 7 drinks on it, was very heavy. I met Octovan and Xiao Lan? there. This task required stamina because we had to walk around until somebody wanted a drink and thus lightened our load. I was telling the truth when I said I almost dislocated my left arm and wrist. I think it was just me, because my bones are weaker than average. Once all …
I finished reading New Moon! It was more exciting than Twilight. But I still dk why Jadine dislikes Bella, apart from Bella's inferiority complex. I think I love Twilight (series). Meyer's descriptions of things are amusing. But the reason for the voice in Bella's head was ridiculous. New Moon made me cry three times. The first time was when Edward left Bella. The second is when Jacob ignored Bella. I think the third was when Edward was going to die in Volterra.
Ytd night, I was reading New Moon until 12.30am. So actually I was reading until today morning. I cried reading the part Edward left Bella. Am I amazing, insane or a crybaby? Haha.

I like Twilight! At least it's easier to imagine than Harry Potter. HP has a lot of plot and is too magical and complicated for me to imagine. And that kills the fun of reading. So I've never finished reading a HP book and remembered what I read. I need to try again.

There's this Team Edward/ Jacob thing. I like both of them so I can't choose. I'm Team Bella for now. But Jadine said that she hated Bella from the end of New Moon to the end of the series. So I may change team very soon. I'm currently halfway through New Moon.
I'm not supposed to be happy-go-lucky. I don't want to be happy-go-lucky. I'm just used to it... Ever since sec sch, I didn't have any friends. Since Sec 3, I became like this. Now I'm used to this shit. I laugh at every single thing.

When will I return to normal?

IG8 outing! Only Emeline, Noris, Kim San, Poh Rui, Patrick and I went. It was really fun!! :D
We went to Marina Barrage, but only I brought a kite. We met Hui Min and co there.
After CO camp, I saw Jolene, Mel and Weilu. J PULLED me to take a pic. I tried to run away. J PULLED. J LET GO. I fell. It led to my bloody left knee and a scraped right knee.

BLOODY hell. (This reminds me of Ron Weasley!)

Mdm Suah and Mr Nah were in front. They insisted on applying first-aid to my knees. Thanks, even though the blood on my knee is still not clotting now, 5 h after my fall.
I've finished watching "Ouran High School Host Club" anime. It was great.
The first half episodes were entertaining and funny, but I thought they were rather meaningless. I was wondering why Desiree liked it. The last few eps made me see why. They showed the problems the ppl of the prestigious and wealthy families faced esp Kyoya-senpai and Takami-senpai. At first, Takami-senpai looked like an idiot to me (in fact, he is) but in the last few eps, he reminded me of somebody. USUI TAKUMI! :D Both are illegitimate children. His tragic background made me admire him because he's a cheerful idiot. ... I mean, despite his tragic background, he's remains cheerful, positive and he changed people such as Kyoya-senpai and the Hitachiin twins.
My free writing essay was cliched.
My speech was usual.
My comprehension was okay, except for vocabulary.
I couldn't finish my summary, but I still hope I can get A1. I hope I can go to HCJC.
I better stop crying and study.
7 days left to EL Paper. There's too little time left for humanities. I can't get into HCJC after all huh. I told myself not to regret what I've done. I'll just do my best. I doubt that I can become a doctor if I go to AJC though. I'm scared because I actually don't want to become an accountant. If I can't become a doctor, I'll be miserable all my life. What shall I do now...
I only want to be a doctor. I only want to study Medicine or related stuff in university. I most probably want to be thoracic surgeon or a gynaecologist.

I want to buy a 12-storey house, but I don't want to climb the stairs everyday nor a lift. So I just want a 4-storey house in Singapore with a swimming pool. Yay. I considered having one in Malaysia, but apparently there are security problems.

I want to get into Hwa Chong Institution (Junior College).

I don't want to regret.

Please study hard and build up your self-discipline, Huai Tian.
I loooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeee Korean dramas! They are so amazing I don't wanna let go.
Okay... Excuses, excuses.
But "Playful Kiss" and "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" are really nice! :D
Today, I did A Math w Yu Fang at the library from 11am to 1pm. We then had lunch. By the time we reached my house, I think it was 2.23pm. Then I slacked, read a few pages of SS tb while YF continued doing A Math. At 4pm, we played badminton downstairs until 5.30pm.

It was much tiring than when I played w Yuan Ting haha. Idk why. I guess YF doesn't miss the bird (shuttlecock) as much as YT :D
At first, I said "Let's pretend there's a net." It got really troublesome cos most hits were under net. So I said "Let's pretend there's no net." YF said "We don't have to pretend. There is no net." Haha!
I just finished watching 射雕英雄传. IT'S SUPER NICE~! My fav char is 郭靖, but I LOVE 杨过 MORE AND THE MOST! :D

I've read DC until Ch 616 Pg 8 and watched DC until Ep 16.
Teachers' Day. Jiahui, Guru, Nathaniel Jader, Kim Peng, Sinyee, Shili and I went back to pri school. Today must be the day I heard the most 'fuck's. Although I half expected it, it was still a little shocking. It was used in different forms: adj, noun, or simply 'what the fuck'. I shall just stick to 'shit' and 'wtf'.

JH, G, NJ, KP, SY and I slacked at the 123 coffeeshop bcos we cld only enter the school at 1.30pm. It was actually after a half hour bargain Guru got from Mr Nada. Then we were saying that each of us could get half hour discount haha. At the coffeeshop, we slacked and played the app 'impossible' on Sinyee's ipod. That game play until damn pekchek but it was fun.

I think I shldn't be so interested in Kpop anymore although I like BIGBANG. I'm more interested in the entire Korean culture. I WANT A HANBOK! To tell the truth, I don't like those dance songs as much as ballads and R&B like Westlife. WESTLIFE IS THE B…

Reading Fairy Tail. The art sucks, except for some characters such as Erza, Gray and Wendy.
I cried when Erza 'died'. Apparently, she was just unconscious and dreamt that she died and was watching her funeral from the sky. I felt so cheated when she woke up in Natsu's arms. I'm glad that she's alive though.
I met Shili at NorthPoint McDonald's just now. It injected some joy into my life. :) She's towering over me... sigh. I have to look up to talk to her. She's as tall as her male friends -.- She's probably 1.7+m

I saw somebody w a side view looking a little like Mdm Peh at the bus stop. I freaked out, although I knew it wasn't her. Looked closer to confirm it. Same hairstyle, but slightly skinnier. I have MEP teacher phobia...

I'm trying to draw manga. More like, copying. Trying to draw the 1st time Natsume appears in Gakuen Alice. I haven't started drawing him because the wall and fence he is standing on is alrdy giving me a big headache.

One more thing. GA started in 2003. Natsume in 2003 was 10 years old. Apparently, he's still 10 years old now, which sucks because he older than me by 1 year in 2003 but I'm older than him by 6 years now. wts. It sounds quite gross because I love Natsume. A lot.
I'm reading Gakuen Alice now, since both Naruto and Detective Conan are licensed -.-
It's quite nice and I really love Natsume Hyuuga! :D

I've read DC up to Ch 473 and I forgot whr I read up to for Naruto.

I bought my first pair of Converse sneakers! :D It's black! Too bad the discount ended D: T.T

I'm serious about wearing my CO court shoes to grad night.


HCI-SN CO Interaction! It was really great fun. It's the most fun one I've gone to so far. I'm glad I went :D It's the last one of my sec sch life.

I was late. ><
I saw Shi Min, Kai Sing and Kar Yee at the 3rd bus stop.
We got lost. ><
We walked aimlessly and finally reached the SALT Centre.

I was in Group 2 tgt with Darien, Kia Yuen, Jasmine, Fabian, Haolin and Keif. At first, I thought they would be very dao, but later found that they were rather active :D Icebreakers were extremely boring (as usual). We didn't play whacko because our group was too small.

Sectionals! We practised 龙腾虎跃 and 喜唱丰收.

Dazu! Shan was abnormally hyper about 红绸舞曲 and 采茶灯 so she kept coming over to share seat. Inevitably and eventually, she grabbed the scores from her buddy, Darien.


GAMES!!!!! :D :D We were given a clue sheet for the 15 stations. The solutions to the clues are the places where the games were. We only managed to solve some clues, we just happened to be the…
I've been reading Detective Conan manga for quite a while now. Gosho Aoyama's brain is really amazing to think up all these complicated murders. The result of that is that Kudo Shinichi is my current fetish. :D

I'm disappointed in myself though. I don't have the self-discipline to stop reading the manga. D:
Both Yu Rou & Qian Yi were late. For 1 hour. -.-

We went "swimming" from 11+ to 2+pm. Or shld I say "playing"? It was drizzling, fortunately no lightning alert.

Then we went indoor rock climbing :D It was half price because of the rain = $5.35! $0.35 being the GST. YAY! It was fun. But I nvr reached the top, cos I suck. haha. My conclusion was that I was too fat for my fingers. Fingers were sore and palms were red. It's really difficult to climb barefooted/ with socks. Proper equipment would be specialised shoes and a chalk pouch.

I met Hwee Young & Hwee Chiat there. No surprise, but Hwee Chiat didn't recognise me -.- They were damn pro, but I think if Yu Rou trained for 1 week, she can beat them :D There was this very pro uncle, with his very pro son and his very pro son's pro friend. The son's friend was 3rd in some rock-climbing competition.

I didn't know it was really possible to climb with your body horizontal to the ground. That's …
Today I had MEP lessons and Hannah lent me her "CHOPIN Etudes for the piano"! Thanks so much :D

After I photocopied the Etude in Gb major (Op. 10 No. 5)/ Black Key Etude, I met Qian Yi & Yu Rou! :D They were rollerblading. Then I joined them :D We went to the bball court. Yu Rou said "We play together." to those Malay boys (Note: it's a ".", not a "?") ROFL. Soon we went off rollerblading again. My rollerblades somehow can't move very slowly & I kept lagging behind because of that. I predict muscle ache in my calves. Qian Yi said "Your father likes us because we make you exercise" HAHA Yes, I agree.

We're meeting again tmr to swim at Yishun SAFRA, then we'll go indoor rock climbing! :D

Btw, shld I change my URL (sorry) to :D
Currently watching 《熊猫人》, directed by Jay Chou (his 1st attempt at TV series). Low ratings D:, but I like it :D.

The show gave me motivation to practise piano every day. :D And I checked the pieces in "Secret" and I have the burning desire to play Chopin's Black Key Etude <3 someday. Perhaps in 2 years' time? :D yay.

The video below features George Li playing the Black Key Etude. He's only 15 years old. *faints* But he started learning the piano from 4 years old and learnt the piano for 11 years. Hopefully, I can be as good as him someday!


Jubilate VII! :D I received 7 flowers. Pathetic compared to others, but big improvement from last year. Oh well, I didn't prepare flowers for them. Sorry. D:


Today was Meet-the-parents. I am Rank 9 in class. Sounds good? NO. Because I am Rank 172 out of 373 in the level, which is really disastrous.

Class outing! We went to Hard Rock Cafe at Orchard. It was really fun! :D except when my balloon deflated. D: YAY FOR BLACK HELIUM BALLOON! Haha ppl was staring on the way home.

I'm crying. Because my left earhole was infected, I took the earstick out so that it would heal. Now it wouldn't go in anymore. Mommy said I have to wait for it to close and repierce it.

下一站,幸福 Autumn's Concerto
G弦之歌 Air On The G String
I'm intrigued by those people who keep on pressing the lift button, thinking the more they press, the faster it'll come.
I still feel like I'm 15. I can't believe I'm 16. I'm old D:

Condolences to Dr Goh Keng Swee.

And I'm finally over Gee - SNSD. Lucky you, Ding Ding the audio learner.

I'm sad tt I can't go to the Hwa Chong thing on Sat because of CO performance at NAFA!

I want BMW!!

I had Assam Laksa for dinner! :D It's absolutely marvellous and not even Orange Bowl can compare to it. It's 999x more delicious than Orange Bowl. I'm glad mommy is a great cook. BURPPPP
During math lesson, we did the energiser!! It didn't make me feel energised though D: No reply from other class so I guess we pwn :D we missed out the 杀掉你 part haha.
I only wrote my notes for Strategies to Alleviate Uneven Devt. After I finished, I read it. Then I realised I was just copying -.- ugh! need to do it again, but can't today. The 2 other chapters are untouched. sigh

At least I came up with sth... like "I Ignite PyJamas" hahaha it's the 4 stgies to promote national devt.

I'm highly addicted to Gee- SNSD. Bad timing.
I desperately need a study group! Why nobody wants to help me in humanities?!
I'm weak in humans, can help others in Math, Science and probably HCL.

D: The usual... I have withdrawal symptoms again. I miss the coaches.
Medicine: LAME JOKES.
These 3 days passed the fastest in my school life so far.

Coaches Elgin, Ruby, Wanxi and Will.

I was kinda shocked when he said "Nobody can motivate you... I don't know why it's called a motivational workshop" because it's supposed to be a motivational workshop?! It's true though, if we don't have the will, nobody can push us.

Coach Elgin is the lamest person I've ever met. Well, that's good. I love jokes :D
He shared with us his own story so it's possible even in 6 weeks. With the right method.
We played this big and small fish and sotong game.

We played the one hand rub one hand hit game. I've nvr tried it in the air and it's really difficult! We played 2 timetable too. exciting!! We also played this game where every class split into 2 groups and held hands in whatever way then the coaches tried to break us up using force. Too bad.

This was the most fun day because of the personality, left/right-brained a…
Happy birthday Heidi! :D

I met up with Jolene at Bishan Circle Line platform. I was 3 min late, but she was later -.- travelled to Serangoon then Kovan! Kovan Melody was just outside the MRT station. Heidi brought us in, wearing her Little Miss ___ shirt and FBTs. The security guard made one of us (Jolene) fill in the paper, then we walked past swimming pools to Heidi's home.

We went swimming! :D Jolene didn't swim, she was on dry land and took pics with us in the water. (How is that possible?! But it was done.) We had lots of fun! I lost all 3 races -.- ugh. FAIL! We played with the noodle Heidi's daddy brought down. Jolene took videos of Heidi and I jumping into the water. :D

Games~! I LOVE TREASURE HUNT! It's such a cool game... :) It was organised by Heidi's daddy. *envious* D: Then we had riddles and pictionary. And our group (Heidi, Jolene, Min Xian, Alicia Choo and I) was the winner! :) Thanks for the prizes and…
I went to mama's house. Zhenning led me to his new laptop and played MapleStory. He freaking leveled up from lvl 1 to lvl 23 in just 1 day.

Daddy, mama, baobei, mommy, zhenhong, zh's friend and i went to Queensway Shopping Centre. Mama bought a swimsuit for my birthday :D I'm totally gonna swim every week. :D :D THANKS A LOT! Mommy bought a blue Adidas water bottle for me. I feel full of happiness! :D The stuff there is quite cheap compared to other places. The 750ml bottle was only $9 but I think I saw it somewhere in NorthPoint it was $12. ZH and friend went dancing.

We went back to the Jurong West home and ZN was still playing MS. He was in a party with Zhenyu and they were shouting across to each other haha. And I had to do my homework - pathetic D:

We went for dinner at Old Town in Jurong Point. I shared Nasi Lemak and Assam Laksa with mommy. The nasi lemak was spicy :) I also ordered ice-blended blackcurrant :) We went to POPULAR and ZN and I headed to the CD s…
It's been a week after SN-VS CO interaction...

Kia Yuen, Shi Min and I took Verbs' mom's car at about 7.08am from the AMK MRT bus stop to Victoria School. We arrived at 7.25am, which was way before 7.55am. We thought we were the earliest, but apparently Xue Shi was alrdy in the school, so we were actually 2nd earliest. They refused to go in -.- until Yu Ting went in, followed by all of us. We stood at the foyer for a while, then we sat by the pond.

We went to the auditorium. We could feel the effects of global warming, despite the air-con and fans. We were grouped and played icebreakers. My group consisted of Coco, Melody, Si Han and I from SNCO, Darren Ther, Edwin, Ernest Lim Jun Wei, Clement from VSCO, Joanne and Stanson the facils. The group esp the guys was super dao... -.- so it was damn sian, couldn't wait to get out of it.

We had sectionals. love 飞天 esp the fast part! We only had 3 songs (喜唱丰收, 飞天 and 林中夜会) to practise so time was passing by rather slowly.


Alice in Wonderland!

I watched "Alice in Wonderland" today with Jolene, Heidi and Melissa at Plaza Singapura GV. How I LOVE the quotes. So inspiring and funny :)

Alice: This is impossible.
The Mad Hatter: Only if you believe it is.

The Mad Hatter: There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say to survive it: You need to be as mad as a hatter. Which luckily I am. The Red Queen: Off with their heads! The Red Queen: I love a warm pig belly for my aching feet. The Mad Hatter: [speaking to the Red Queen] What a regrettably large head you have. I would very much like to hat it. I use to hat The White Queen, you know. Her head was so small.
The Red Queen: It’s tiny. It’s a pimple of a head. Cheshire Cat: I never get involved in politics. The Mad Hatter: Have I gone mad?
Alice Kingsley: I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are. The Mad Hatter: I’m investigating things that begin with the letter M.Alice Kingsley…
Hi I think Mummy is right. I shldn't just say that I want to go HCJC but not do the things needed for me to go HCJC.
Conclusion: I shall not blog or MSN unless necessary. (Definition of 'necessary': school projects or homework)

Is this what they call what? Oh, hiatus. That's right. On hiatus. :)
Jiayou for all!
FIGHTING! I love Seung Ri! :D
I'm depressed... D: I can't find the telecinema movie 19-nineteen ANYWHERE, even though it was released in South Korea on 11 Nov 2009. Seung Ri's the lead :)
I also can't find BANGS short comic translated into english! D:
Since the Total Defence has this "I WILL" thingy this year, I shall do one too!

I WILL do my family, friends and myself proud.
I WILL study hard.
I WILL do my homework.
I WILL excel in Math, Science and Chinese.
I WILL not show off.
I WILL not dislike or hate everything in this world.
I WILL drink lots of water.
I WILL spend less time on the computer.
I WILL love BIGBANG and Seung Ri forever.
I WILL fulfill my promises.
I WILL not waste money and time.
I WILL learn taekwondo.
I WILL learn to write with my left hand.
I WILL not be so childish.
I WILL practise my arithmetics.
I WILL inspire others.
I WILL be healthy and live to 100 years old.
I WILL not complain.
I WILL sit and stand in good posture.
I WILL not scratch the mosquito bites.
I WILL read more books.
I WILL improve myself to be a better person.
Hi today I think I'm gonna make some dedications to some people who sorta inspired me in random order. Not like they'll see this anw -.-

You are weird. Yes, you are. Thanks for letting me read your 阅读集成! :) Although I only read that only one on "灯" by 尤今, the 感想 you wrote inspired me. I rmb you wrote sth like "I do my best to fulfill my role of a student. ... We cannot earn income now, so the only thing we can do is to study hard." I cannot deny that you are more mature than me. Thanks for inspiring me :)

One person who works really hard for a nice-looking result slip. You never talk during lessons. That's an impressing feat. I just can't stop talking, esp with Ruei Ern beside me. Stop me please.

I forgot who else. I shall stop here.
And another thing, if you didn't study hard for a test, you didn't score well, and still dare to grumble and complain, stop it. You have no right to do that. I have the urge to punch you. Really. And if y…
Yay! So cool right? I love Seung Ri!
I think it's more serious... I woke up during my sleep to go to the toilet 3 times. I could sleep throughout the night on the first day...
So Mommy told me not to go school and we went to see the doctor. I got MC for 18,19-1-2010 and excuse from PE on 20-1-2010. The doctor said no milk, no oil, no spicy stuff ):
After I ate the medicine, I became better and went to the toilet only once. Yay.
I'm still having diarrhoea! I went in another 6 times today. I lost the 1 kg.
How! Mommy says people can actually die from diarrhoea. I don't want to die before I'm 100 years old...
I didn't study hard enough in Pri 6, I couldn't get into Nanyang Girls' School.
I didn't study hard enough in Sec 2, I couldn't get into triple science.
If I don't study hard enough in Sec 4, I can't get into Hwa Chong Junior College.

I won't make it happen again, so I have to study hard!
I will believe in myself. I can do it!

Remember my dream. Always. FIGHTING!
Finally, finally. We poured out our thoughts about Mrs Sng to Li laoshi. Ugh. Hopefully we can change our English teacher, or else it would surely affect our class' distinction percentage or maybe even the passes.

I had diarrhoea. I went in the toilet 6 times. I lost 2 kg. TADA.