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These 3 days passed the fastest in my school life so far.

Coaches Elgin, Ruby, Wanxi and Will.

I was kinda shocked when he said "Nobody can motivate you... I don't know why it's called a motivational workshop" because it's supposed to be a motivational workshop?! It's true though, if we don't have the will, nobody can push us.

Coach Elgin is the lamest person I've ever met. Well, that's good. I love jokes :D
He shared with us his own story so it's possible even in 6 weeks. With the right method.
We played this big and small fish and sotong game.

We played the one hand rub one hand hit game. I've nvr tried it in the air and it's really difficult! We played 2 timetable too. exciting!! We also played this game where every class split into 2 groups and held hands in whatever way then the coaches tried to break us up using force. Too bad.

This was the most fun day because of the personality, left/right-brained and learning style tests. I found out that I have the Type IC personality, I'm right-brained (surprisingly, because I'm right-handed) and I have the Kinesthetic learning style! :D
Right after break, as usual many ppl were late, Coach Elgin looked stern, kept quiet. We kept quiet too. He scolded us for being late and said we owed him an apology. I didn't say sorry for the first few times because I was suspecting that he was playing a trick and I wasn't late so I owed nobody an apology. Then he wanted a unanimous apology, I had no choice but to say it.
"Sorry coaches..."
"It's too late to apologise... It's too late..."
... *stares* *roar of laughter* *curse in our hearts*
I was angry for a moment, but it was too funny!! Nice one huh, Coach Elgin.

Last day. sigh. I'm going to miss all the coaches, esp Coach Elgin's lame jokes. We did lots of class cheers, screaming and octopus dance. I was having a sore throat from all that shouting. :D

song-guessing. Coach Elgin plays the song for a few secs and we guess.
*plays song*
"I'm yours~~~~" says all 3 classes.
"I've got 100 girls shouting I'm Yours."
Fortunately, I didn't know any of them haha

This workshop was the most enjoyable, useful one I have ever attended. Thanks lots to the coaches!


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