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Oh no, the job attachment ended yesterday!!!!!!!
I'm now suffering from withdrawal symptoms. sigh...
well, I'm lazy to type... so this is quoted from Yuan Ting's blog.

"Super loved playing Crazy Taxi and Pet Society with Jolene, Huai Tian, Jocelyn and Jia Yun, and laughing at a stupid joke every few seconds.

And disrupting others in the computer labs.

And eating lunch together, watching D-Grayman together.

And being on the verge of pulling our hair out while working on the powerpoints.

And throwing thumb drives around.

And hiding from the camera while snacking.

And walking around finding vending machines.

And wondering what to wear tomorrow.

And being symmetrical.

And losing our way in campus.

And saying "Walau, you SUCK!"

And banging on the 'keyboard slider'.

And listening to Who Wants to be a Millionaire sounds clips for x100000 times.

And being sick of hyper-linking.

And snatching the toilet cubicle with LHT.

And scared of imaginary ghosts in the toilet.

And the sup…
3rd day of job attachment!
damn it. YT was late!!!! we barely had 5 min to walk to NYP SIT from the MRT.
thus later in the day, Jolene and I had probably repeated "It's all your fault" a few hundred times, from crashing our taxis on crazy taxi to nothing at all.

we were all mad about crazy taxi on fb, being crazy drivers who jump their cars over other cars.

today I feel the most accomplished :)
Thanks YT for the website screenshot idea and Jolene for the polaroid picture idea. we did it on ppt and we're gonna print it out tmr. we're so efficient that we got off from work 15 min earlier! :D and the end product is so so pretty that we are so amazed by it lol. the noticeboard'll be a lot livelier COS OF US and our hard work!

didn't really learn anything, except how to jump over cars... hope that the last 2 days will be more fulfilling!

happy birthday to Jocelyn! ;D
job attachment from 22 to 26 June 2009! :D
at Nanyang Polytechnic School of Information Technology
tgt with Jolene, Yuan Ting, Jocelyn and Jia Yun.

ytd first day was quite relaxing.
we took a tour arnd NYP guided by Rosie. we went for lunch at Koufu right after that and had Japanese cuisine. we're supposed to do some ppt based on "who wants to be a millionaire?" on IT.

today 2nd day it was total slack. okay not, we proceeded onto the ppt. Jolene found the sound clips and ARGH she kept playing them to irritate us lol. haha after that, I recorded videos of Jolene and Yuan Ting trying to imitate the real show, with Yuan Ting being the host. xD the funniest part was when Jolene got her 1 million rupiah!
tmr we'll be doing the noticeboard.

hopefully we learn sth >.<
WHAT THE FREAK! that was what I said went I went into Jasmine Lame Jia Min's blog.
sorry being obsessive lah. but i don't care. hahah.
freaking agitated right now. anyone let me bash?

MEP camp!

MEP camp at Tanjong Katong Girls' Sschool on 4 & 5 June 2009!
To all who wants to watch Oklahoma pls go to!

Day 1
trainers Judy (dance), Hui Min (vocals), Angie (introduction to musicals), Alemay (drama).
I don't like Alemay. What's with that revealing shirt and all that shit.
There were ppl from ACSI, RI, RGS, MGS, DHS, and of course SNGS and TKGS.
met quite a few ppl like EMMERLYN!, Rou Hui, Selina, Tat Huey.
Tat Huey gives me a feeling that she shld be one of the Wonder Girls singing "Nobody". hah.

Day 2
trainers Judy, Hui Min, Trey, Alemay.
Emmerlyn was telling me that Alemay's revealing shirt is distracting. so gross. ugh. and right after that, WTH she insulted the RI guy. zzz. wth do you mean by "You're a RI boy. You're smart. You shld do this blahblah" wtf. such a **** >.< we're were so freaking shocked. how can those words come out of a professional? or…