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Oh no, the job attachment ended yesterday!!!!!!!
I'm now suffering from withdrawal symptoms. sigh...
well, I'm lazy to type... so this is quoted from Yuan Ting's blog.

"Super loved playing Crazy Taxi and Pet Society with Jolene, Huai Tian, Jocelyn and Jia Yun, and laughing at a stupid joke every few seconds.

And disrupting others in the computer labs.

And eating lunch together, watching D-Grayman together.

And being on the verge of pulling our hair out while working on the powerpoints.

And throwing thumb drives around.

And hiding from the camera while snacking.

And walking around finding vending machines.

And wondering what to wear tomorrow.

And being symmetrical.

And losing our way in campus.

And saying "Walau, you SUCK!"

And banging on the 'keyboard slider'.

And listening to Who Wants to be a Millionaire sounds clips for x100000 times.

And being sick of hyper-linking.

And snatching the toilet cubicle with LHT.

And scared of imaginary ghosts in the toilet.

And the super cool built-in water coolers!

And gaping in awe at the mailer thingy.

And stomping the ground, distracting poor students.

And getting cheated by the sandwich machine.

And admiring shoes.

And shouting "SHIT" while playing Crazy Taxi.

And opening our mouths during intensive games of Crazy Taxi, as well as spying for other people (namely Jolene) opening their mouths.

And making sounds effects for Crazy Taxi.

And complaining how the coms lag.

And changing the notice board border for a million times.

And and wondering what to eat for lunch and waiting for me to eat finish.

And whatever else there is.


We started on the PPT first thing in the morning, finished it at around noon. Then did notice board, finished everything around 2pm. Play lotsa games, went lunch at 3."

Thanks Miss Tan and Rosie for treating us to lunch!


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