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I went to work for the second time, at Swissotel Merchant Court (SMC) for the first time, as a banquet waitress for the first time. It was very tiring, right from the start.

I had to exchange my IC for a key, a card and a piece of paper. Then with the piece of paper collect my clothes. Then I had to change. I met two Malay girls in the toilet beside the lockers. And then I saw Angelique in the toilet! :D It was a surprise. I was so glad that I knew somebody there. Angelique was made to serve the VIP tables. She has worked since Nov.

The senior manager made me serve drinks to the guests at the reception area. The round tray, despite only with 4 to 7 drinks on it, was very heavy. I met Octovan and Xiao Lan? there. This task required stamina because we had to walk around until somebody wanted a drink and thus lightened our load. I was telling the truth when I said I almost dislocated my left arm and wrist. I think it was just me, because my bones are weaker than average. Once all …
I finished reading New Moon! It was more exciting than Twilight. But I still dk why Jadine dislikes Bella, apart from Bella's inferiority complex. I think I love Twilight (series). Meyer's descriptions of things are amusing. But the reason for the voice in Bella's head was ridiculous. New Moon made me cry three times. The first time was when Edward left Bella. The second is when Jacob ignored Bella. I think the third was when Edward was going to die in Volterra.
Ytd night, I was reading New Moon until 12.30am. So actually I was reading until today morning. I cried reading the part Edward left Bella. Am I amazing, insane or a crybaby? Haha.

I like Twilight! At least it's easier to imagine than Harry Potter. HP has a lot of plot and is too magical and complicated for me to imagine. And that kills the fun of reading. So I've never finished reading a HP book and remembered what I read. I need to try again.

There's this Team Edward/ Jacob thing. I like both of them so I can't choose. I'm Team Bella for now. But Jadine said that she hated Bella from the end of New Moon to the end of the series. So I may change team very soon. I'm currently halfway through New Moon.
I'm not supposed to be happy-go-lucky. I don't want to be happy-go-lucky. I'm just used to it... Ever since sec sch, I didn't have any friends. Since Sec 3, I became like this. Now I'm used to this shit. I laugh at every single thing.

When will I return to normal?

IG8 outing! Only Emeline, Noris, Kim San, Poh Rui, Patrick and I went. It was really fun!! :D
We went to Marina Barrage, but only I brought a kite. We met Hui Min and co there.