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Aw CRUMBS, I dropped my calculator approx 5 times in a row now the shift button can't work!!!!!!!!!

The trip to China was fun, and i didn't wanna come back... made some friends from Faith&Truth: Kah Wei, Melberly, Kar Yee, Vanessa, Geraldine, Gui Xian, Hsin Inn, Samantha, Angelina, Audrey, Yuen Ping, Wan Qi, etc.

XueRou, Angelina, me (sry for trying to make the whole picture look ugly xD)

初二(三)班 form teacher Chen Xiao Chun (he sang on stage with Linlaoshi!)

Went to Malaysia during last wk of hols. It was boring for the first 2 days, cos only ahma was thr. No cousins to play with me, nth to do either. Luckily my cousin's family came from Sungai Petani and had dinner with us. And i went back to their house with them. It was fun fooling around with those kids (my nephews). Yi Jie and Yi Zhen are so cute, other than being naughty? Whatever... since i'm bad too. Nyahahahaa! We spent lots of time watching movies: The Water Horse & Kungfu Master. Then i watched 一休和尚. That…