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你在囧什么?, SDZ Waves 19

So one day I saw the TV ad about 你在囧什么?recruiting new students so I emailed them then they asked me to go for an interview at Bugis Plus/Iluma on 5 April (Sat). The interview was held right at the entrance zomg. So open air. Had to wait for a bit before it was my turn. Basically I just filled in a questionnaire which asked about my experiences then the lady just asked me to explain more based on what I wrote.

Then after a long period of time, I received an email asking me to do this:
同学, 你好。 -曾经步入歧途,然后改过自新 -父母有外遇的问题 -遭遇家庭暴力问题或被交往对象以暴力对待 -还在求学或年纪轻轻就结婚《你在囧什么》节目正在寻找有以下经历/故事的学生参与录影:
-曾经或在跟非华族/不同国籍、或学历/年龄/身高差别大的人交往 -已经决定去整容或已经接受整容 -父母是虎爸虎妈 -生活白痴 -你曾经上网学习什么稀奇古怪的东西? -上网交友的有趣/可怕/难忘的经历