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Teachers' Day. Jiahui, Guru, Nathaniel Jader, Kim Peng, Sinyee, Shili and I went back to pri school. Today must be the day I heard the most 'fuck's. Although I half expected it, it was still a little shocking. It was used in different forms: adj, noun, or simply 'what the fuck'. I shall just stick to 'shit' and 'wtf'.

JH, G, NJ, KP, SY and I slacked at the 123 coffeeshop bcos we cld only enter the school at 1.30pm. It was actually after a half hour bargain Guru got from Mr Nada. Then we were saying that each of us could get half hour discount haha. At the coffeeshop, we slacked and played the app 'impossible' on Sinyee's ipod. That game play until damn pekchek but it was fun.

I think I shldn't be so interested in Kpop anymore although I like BIGBANG. I'm more interested in the entire Korean culture. I WANT A HANBOK! To tell the truth, I don't like those dance songs as much as ballads and R&B like Westlife. WESTLIFE IS THE B…

Reading Fairy Tail. The art sucks, except for some characters such as Erza, Gray and Wendy.
I cried when Erza 'died'. Apparently, she was just unconscious and dreamt that she died and was watching her funeral from the sky. I felt so cheated when she woke up in Natsu's arms. I'm glad that she's alive though.
I met Shili at NorthPoint McDonald's just now. It injected some joy into my life. :) She's towering over me... sigh. I have to look up to talk to her. She's as tall as her male friends -.- She's probably 1.7+m

I saw somebody w a side view looking a little like Mdm Peh at the bus stop. I freaked out, although I knew it wasn't her. Looked closer to confirm it. Same hairstyle, but slightly skinnier. I have MEP teacher phobia...

I'm trying to draw manga. More like, copying. Trying to draw the 1st time Natsume appears in Gakuen Alice. I haven't started drawing him because the wall and fence he is standing on is alrdy giving me a big headache.

One more thing. GA started in 2003. Natsume in 2003 was 10 years old. Apparently, he's still 10 years old now, which sucks because he older than me by 1 year in 2003 but I'm older than him by 6 years now. wts. It sounds quite gross because I love Natsume. A lot.
I'm reading Gakuen Alice now, since both Naruto and Detective Conan are licensed -.-
It's quite nice and I really love Natsume Hyuuga! :D

I've read DC up to Ch 473 and I forgot whr I read up to for Naruto.