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Jubilate VII! :D I received 7 flowers. Pathetic compared to others, but big improvement from last year. Oh well, I didn't prepare flowers for them. Sorry. D:


Today was Meet-the-parents. I am Rank 9 in class. Sounds good? NO. Because I am Rank 172 out of 373 in the level, which is really disastrous.

Class outing! We went to Hard Rock Cafe at Orchard. It was really fun! :D except when my balloon deflated. D: YAY FOR BLACK HELIUM BALLOON! Haha ppl was staring on the way home.

I'm crying. Because my left earhole was infected, I took the earstick out so that it would heal. Now it wouldn't go in anymore. Mommy said I have to wait for it to close and repierce it.

下一站,幸福 Autumn's Concerto
G弦之歌 Air On The G String
I'm intrigued by those people who keep on pressing the lift button, thinking the more they press, the faster it'll come.
I still feel like I'm 15. I can't believe I'm 16. I'm old D:

Condolences to Dr Goh Keng Swee.

And I'm finally over Gee - SNSD. Lucky you, Ding Ding the audio learner.

I'm sad tt I can't go to the Hwa Chong thing on Sat because of CO performance at NAFA!

I want BMW!!

I had Assam Laksa for dinner! :D It's absolutely marvellous and not even Orange Bowl can compare to it. It's 999x more delicious than Orange Bowl. I'm glad mommy is a great cook. BURPPPP
During math lesson, we did the energiser!! It didn't make me feel energised though D: No reply from other class so I guess we pwn :D we missed out the 杀掉你 part haha.
I only wrote my notes for Strategies to Alleviate Uneven Devt. After I finished, I read it. Then I realised I was just copying -.- ugh! need to do it again, but can't today. The 2 other chapters are untouched. sigh

At least I came up with sth... like "I Ignite PyJamas" hahaha it's the 4 stgies to promote national devt.

I'm highly addicted to Gee- SNSD. Bad timing.
I desperately need a study group! Why nobody wants to help me in humanities?!
I'm weak in humans, can help others in Math, Science and probably HCL.

D: The usual... I have withdrawal symptoms again. I miss the coaches.
Medicine: LAME JOKES.
These 3 days passed the fastest in my school life so far.

Coaches Elgin, Ruby, Wanxi and Will.

I was kinda shocked when he said "Nobody can motivate you... I don't know why it's called a motivational workshop" because it's supposed to be a motivational workshop?! It's true though, if we don't have the will, nobody can push us.

Coach Elgin is the lamest person I've ever met. Well, that's good. I love jokes :D
He shared with us his own story so it's possible even in 6 weeks. With the right method.
We played this big and small fish and sotong game.

We played the one hand rub one hand hit game. I've nvr tried it in the air and it's really difficult! We played 2 timetable too. exciting!! We also played this game where every class split into 2 groups and held hands in whatever way then the coaches tried to break us up using force. Too bad.

This was the most fun day because of the personality, left/right-brained a…