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I just finished watching 20's. It's a mini drama starringgggggg Ki Kwang from BEAST and Lee Da In. Ki Kwang acted as himself and the drama is about how they tried to date secretly. I think it's a good reminder that idols are youngsters and in the falling-in-love stage, so fans should be more supportive of their idols' love life/privacy. Also, it's a reminder for fans to stop dreaming of marrying their idols, or to expect their idols to only date other idols.

Fans should probably blame themselves for hallucinating too much haha. Let go if you have to, like Ga Young.

It's pretty good for 4 episodes of 20 min drama... Their dating scenes were very sweet. And they managed to pack in so many kiss scenes in 80 min. The comments on Viki were distracting yet amusing. And I think Ki Kwang's lips are way too thick.

The Exodus

Just broke camp from CBLC FAC 2014 The Exodus. It's a 4-day camp. I disliked the food wastage during the wet games and it was really disgusting. The station games in school were not really fun. They're just tasks to do and you have to compete with other OGs. The weather was also sweltering, so I was always sticky from running around school. I had more fun during the 3rd and 4th days during the Amazing Race and beach games. But the beach games today at Sentosa's Siloso Beach left me with burn lines on my face and wrist. Note: BURN lines, not tan lines. I have a neck tan line too. It was only a few hours from about 10+ am to 2+pm, and I applied sunblock before the games.

My OGL was Eric (Tan Yan Zhou) and my AOGL was Renee! The seniors were Jeryl, Xiao Wen, Elizabeth (whose nickname was 一粒沙白 lol), Edmund. OG mates were Benjamin, Sarah, Samantha, Fiona, Hui Min, Lan Ruo (who left for China after the 2nd day breakfast due to a family emergency), Eric (Sim Juan), Wen Xin, Huang…
:( I'm feeling embarrassed and guilty, because just now on bus 90, I didn't see a pregnant woman standing beside me, so I didn't let her sit on the seat. T.T And a Malay lady had to poke me to ask me to give up my seat...

I'm very sorry about that. I really didn't mean to!! I didn't even glance at your belly so I didn't know you were pregnant... So sorry :( Hai... :'(


I'm feeling wronged. Is it really my fault or is it just my mum being old, unreasonable and having a menopause?
I just finished checking the whole Tenancy Agreement sentence by sentence. She asked me why I'm taking so long to just change the date. I clearly remembered her telling me to check the whole contract again by using the old example contract. Then she just said "How are you going to study in uni like that? Not paying attention and not listening to me when I'm speaking."
Okay I was careless with the rental price and the date. But why am I getting all the blame on this? Am I not allowed to make any mistakes because "she paid for my 20 years of education"? SHE is the landlord. Not me. Last time after I printed the contract out for her, I asked her to check it. Why is everything my fault now?!
Then she always brings up my bad attitude when I'm teaching my parents how to use their computer/phones. Okay that one I admit, I find it really frustrati…

drama reviewss

I realised I'm such a failure. I made the blog URL blackkeyetude because I wanted to learn how to play it, but I still can't play it completely well yet. Same for many other things. I want to do them but end up doing it halfway.

Anyway, I've been wanting to update my blog but I was lazy. So I'm only doing this now. :/ Lazy bum. I must change my laziness if I want to get my first class honours.

I've finished watching many dramas now, including You Who Came From The Stars and Moon Embracing The Sun. Gahhh.... I really like Kim Soo Hyun haha. I started noticing him since Dream High. Song Sam Dong was really cute and such a bumpkin. I like his voice too, although he did break his voice during live performances haha.

You Who Came From The Stars
I remember vividly that there was this interview scene at the end of an episode, and Do Min Joon/Kim Soo Hyun just squeezed out buckets of tears within seconds. Oh my god. How do you even do that? I'm such a crybaby and I can&…
I really don't like my mum sometimes. She always blames me for everything. Wthell.

I talked too loudly to her just now she said she won't talk me to me anymore. I said it's because she blackface me she said it's because I shower too late. So what if I shower at 9pm?! Not like I don't shower.

She blames me when she can't sleep well. She either says it's because she's worrying about me or because I'm not sleeping yet.

Come on. Stop pushing everything on me.

I'll never be good enough for you, it seems.

It's not entirely my fault that I'm always so rude and talk so loudly right? You're always pissed at me. You always nag at me. What's more, dad's always so annoying and you two passed down your hot temper to me, plus I learned it from you both.

Why when I complain about dad you compare him to the worst dads who beat their family and gamble their fortune away and say at least he's not like that, but when you compare me with all…
Mm. I shall write down all the weird dreams that I remember I had. This list is in chronological order based on my memory.

1. I dreamed that my parents took me to a reservoir (we went to reservoirs frequently when I was younger). There was this wooden pathway that led to the water, something like a jetty? I felt scared and I told my parents not to go too close to the water. They said it was fine and continued to walk to the end. A crocodile crept/sprung up and ate them both. I was crying my lungs out. -END- Actually, when I woke up I was crying too. Hah.

2. Before we moved to this current flat, my family lived in the 2nd floor of a shophouse in Chong Pang (the 1st floor was the goldsmith shop). There were 3 flats on the right, but nobody lived there; they were probably used to store goods. All our metal doors were the same shade of light green.
I dreamed that I saw several people crowding around the door beside my house, and a person whose face was the same shade of green as the metal…

Weirdest dream so far

I woke up this morning from the weirdest dream I've had so far. (I've dreamt of people getting murdered/eaten by crocodiles in my dreams before.) This time I got killed. In Inception, the dream ends when people die in their dream, but I became a ghost instead. Haha

It took place in a school and there's this teacher with her student followers. She wants to kill all the other students. Then I hid in this room with my mum. The teacher found me and she pasted 4 pieces of paper on my face which is supposed to determine how my face will look like after death. I kindof wasn't rejecting dying because I knew it was inevitable. I forgot how I died, I think I pushed down from the window or was it a knife? It was quick and not very painful. I flew/jumped back into the room. They couldn't see me. The teacher could hear my footsteps and her students tried to catch me. They caught hold of me for a moment but I broke free. I forgot what happened after this. Then I saw my mum at th…