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Mm. I shall write down all the weird dreams that I remember I had. This list is in chronological order based on my memory.

1. I dreamed that my parents took me to a reservoir (we went to reservoirs frequently when I was younger). There was this wooden pathway that led to the water, something like a jetty? I felt scared and I told my parents not to go too close to the water. They said it was fine and continued to walk to the end. A crocodile crept/sprung up and ate them both. I was crying my lungs out. -END- Actually, when I woke up I was crying too. Hah.

2. Before we moved to this current flat, my family lived in the 2nd floor of a shophouse in Chong Pang (the 1st floor was the goldsmith shop). There were 3 flats on the right, but nobody lived there; they were probably used to store goods. All our metal doors were the same shade of light green.
I dreamed that I saw several people crowding around the door beside my house, and a person whose face was the same shade of green as the metal door was in the house and opened the door. I wasn't seen by the mob though and I ran home.

3. I dreamed that I got kidnapped/caught by 2 people and I tried to escape because they were torturing me by tickling my sides. Omg damn unbearable.

4. I could fly by swimming breast stroke.

5. I dreamed that Jolene (my secondary school friend) got murdered.

6. My mum got murdered.

-.- strange dreams I have

Oh yes, and talking about the shophouse in #2, I remembered naughty things I did back then when I visited the shop.

I pressed all the red buttons under the glass counters where the jewellery was displayed. Turned out to be the alarm. I think it started sounding when I was pressing the 3rd button. I was crying when I knew that policemen were gonna come, and they really came, 2 of them. Luckily the adults explained that I was the one who pressed the alarm, so they quickly went away. lol

And there was once I played with the huge stapler in the shop. Somehow I stapled my thumb, and the thick staple went though my flesh and nail. Whee


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