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I watched Fall In Love With Me 愛上兩個我, and now I'm at the last episode of Just You 就是要你愛上我. Both star Aaron Yan. My fever for him has been reignited. He speaks in a straightforward manner, just like me. He's cheeky and mischievous, just like me (just watch the BTS and the SS小燕之夜 Aaron Yan episode). I want to be best friends with him.

I LOVE AARON. He is now on my phone lock screen.
But from the BTS, he kept kissing Puff and Tia unnecessarily, 所以我很不爽。 :( Does he like them for real? Or he just likes to kiss people? Lol. Sigh. I think I am okay if the girl he was kissing is his girlfriend, but they're not... Gah. Not sure how long this crush on him will last. Edit: Oh no, just watched a YouTube video 炎亞綸 Aaron's Q&A Challenge on "ONTV Popu Show" (, and he said out of all his female leads, 李毓芬最让他心动!D:And also in his xinmsn interview in Singapore 20140817 (, he said out of Tia…