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ZOMG! he who does not wish to be named.

Listen to WeiHan sing! (duet with Emily)
It's uber nice although he claims that he has gone off-key for some parts.
Performed at NUSHS Family Night or sth.
Apart from the screams it's really beautiful...
Told him I'd start to idolize him xD heehee

x( no one ever tags me on quizzes so sad...GAH
hope i pass the interview!


Gosh! I can't believe my blog was left right thr for 3 mths.

Okay. Few hours ago, i went to NUS High Sch of Math and Science. Had to to write on the topic "I see Maths in everyday life".
Some time after the test, a guy led me to the meeting rm 2 in the admin office. That's whr i waited anxiously for my interview.
Haha. That big guy was fun. A boy who was playing with his Rubik's cube was gonna sit down to wait for his turn. The NUSH guy said "THAT'S MY SEAT!!"
And the 'innocent' boy actually stood up and said sorry.
That's when the big guy hahaahahahahaahahaha-ed. That was pretty funny.

So there. Wish me luck!!

*haven't finished studying for exams* =.-