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David Archuleta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Archuleta's album.

1. Crush
2. Touch My Hands
3. Barriers
4. My Hands
5. A Little Not Over You
6. You Can
7. Running
8. Desperate
9. To Be With You
10.Don't Let Go
11.Your Eyes Don't Lie

Of all, I like "Barriers" the most. No, I LOVE "BARRIERS"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xD It kinda surges through me.
The others are really good too.

I don't really like "Desperate". It gives me the shivers...
Not David A's problem. I just don't like that word.
So I feel weird at the beginning and end of the song. The middle of the song is quite nice.

David A took part in the composing in 2 songs in the album.
Which are: A Little Too Over You and Don't Let Go
Hope everyone can support them.

Now I'm all over David A again lols.
Honestly, I wasn't really expecting it to be this good.
Cos you know. David Cook beat him again in sales.
So I was thinking whether the album was worth the $16.90.

Be a brave girl.

8 Dec 2008 1+ pm would be the last time I see you.
My favourite cousin. I love you so much.
Remember the time we went to Night Safari with your friend?
Shit, I'm scared I'll cry whenever I miss you...
I don't know what...
You're the loveliest cousin I could ever get.

sorry to people who dislike vulgarities


To PeiSin jie jie and yi yi

I miss you very much...
Forever loving you.
Maybe you did not know but I'm very proud of you my cousin.
You were studying really hard. And you got into NUS - Business.
You're great.
You said you would visit me... But nvm.

Your cousin

Not forgetting PeiSin jiejie's mummy
yiyi you too. I will remember you forever.
Ni zhen de hen bang.

Drama is addictive, seriously.

夏庆恩 吴奇隆饰
夏庆俊 窦智孔饰
李阿宝 李佳豫饰
欧洋洋 汪政纬饰

牵牛花之家,是一个关于成长的故事 ,准确来说,是一个关于个人经历和生活环境,如何影响成长的故事。在本剧里,这家子的孩子,除了庆恩和庆俊两兄弟,其他人都是经过母亲一再改嫁,所生下同母异父的孩子。

   一家人虽然 ”环境”总是受到层层困境的考验,但是每个人对爱的”本质”却不曾改变。无论是母亲一再改嫁甚至最后生死未卜,抑或小妹阿宝的弱智及大哥庆恩的癌症…一道 道无从逃避的诅咒,穷困、卑微、低学历,仿佛被城市所遗弃后,只能选择自我放逐的“家”,再经过一番试炼后,像牵牛花般努力的发出了枝丫。一个个牵牛花之 家的小孩,不怯懦地选择了努力站起来,勇敢地面对所处的困境,坚毅的成长着。


HCCO interaction (:

wow. hella lot of people-.-
anyway, it was lots of fun. actually mostly waterbombs and chasing after XinHui to get her at least a little wet. STUPID XINHUI!!!!

it's true okay. xD

Group 10:
Mark, Kai Sing, Jasline, Jessica, Qiu Lin, Jia Qi, Yi Der, Xuan Ming, Wei Khong, Khia Yi

Jasline saw MARK's name as MARY and we started calling him Mary this and Mary that.
And Jia Qi went "Mary had a little lamb" LOLS
after that Mark left early for Jap lesson

I hope the school gave angbao to Harry Goh 0.o
poor Harry he had to "die" for the Murder Mystery. His and his twin Jacky's birthday was the day after HCCO interaction which was 30 Nov. lol. happy bday...

I belong to "XianYue/LaXian"
knows the alphabet well (esp XYZ)
strange obsession with strings
But Idk why is it XYZ...

whee the end.


Hey guys. got quite many things to talk about.
my trip to ah ma's house, hcco interaction, drama recommendations and stuff...
WASEH lots of crap in my head sia. SHIT WHY AM I TALKING LIKE THIS.
okay, whatever. i'll just do 3 posts. gah.

and after some help from Mark the phone nut, yay it worked. hahhahaha


Day 1
reached penang at 3+pm
did nth for the rest of the day

Day 2
see what happened. cool right. zzz.
played electronic chinese chess on the tv against ah zhou (qiqi's brother, my nephew)

Day 3
yay, my cousin came. and her kids -.-
they're coming to singapore on 22dec. hooray.

Day 4
actually i forgot what happened so it's random order lah.
guess what's this?
tada electricity pole with algae among banana trees
something that i made from the dried banana leaves and idk what
went shopping and went to my friend's house down the road

Day 5
went home. 8hr ride.


ah ma's only air-con in the house [ANTIQUE]



i'm totally into iCarly now, it's so hilarious I just can't stop laughing HAHA

and whoops, I just realized that David A's album's alrd out -.-
damn. AH ANYWAY i'm not going to get it now... maybe in early December
but Marie's already got it on her table T.T
oh man.

BAD NEWS. i have hbp omg! uh ya, you didn't see it wrong. hbp is high blood pressure.
sighz! umm it's supposed to be [age+80+/-5]
so mine's supposed to be 14+80+/-5=89-99
BUT I GOT 110!!
so umm, there's probably lots of fat in my arteries? -.-
nah, i'm not gonna die soon lol. (CHOY TOUCH WOOD)
i'm promised myself i'm gonna live til 100 years old.

well, anyway if you find that i'm talking weird, or that i'm really random these days (actually i was alrdy random), pls don't mind.

and someone pls tell me how to go to Aloha Changi resort from Yishun thanks a lot.
BY 20 NOV!!

Wait, one more. Apple milk can be quite nice!!
No, I know apple don'…
Today was prize presentation and student council investiture.
The prize presentation was boring so I shan't talk about it (since I didn't win any award anyway)
The student council investiture was really quite fun though my right foot was really numb...
Uh, anyway... I'm really proud of my classmate student councillors xD
The videos were super funny <3

After the whole thing, su lao shi said we won the one day chalet!!! That moment was NOISY. xD we get to barbeque and stuff at Aloha Changi on 20 Nov 2008. Erm, it may be some cheapskate chalet... Hope we have fun =]
Sec 2 Justice WAN SUI!!

But I'm feeling very down now... cos just now I went to tuition and my teacher told me that Chem and Physics is a better choice than Bio and Chem... AND I WANT TO CHANGE T.T
I WANTTTTTTTTTTTTTT TRIPPPPPPLE SCIENCE!!!! then i wouldn't need to choose -.- ):

it's OK TO watch OKTO!

iCarly!!!!! it's on okto!!!!!!
erm, why am i so uptight about this? Oh ya, DAVID A IS GUEST-STARRING!!!!!! xD
can't believe i missed out on it. *sighz
Xavier Yen's on the football thing on okto too. hahaha

~Aah, the fetish
ODD!~ 慧田


Haha, somehow my fetish turned to car-racing (also Formula 1) and piano scores!!

Uh, below is some news of the F1

1-----Lewis Hamilton---------British---------McLaren-Mercedes---------98
2-----Felipe Massa-------------Brazilian-------Ferrari----------------------------------97
3-----Kimi Räikkönen---------Finnish---------Ferrari----------------------------------75
4-----Robert Kubica----------Polish----------BMW Sauber------------------------75
5-----Fernando Alonso-------Spanish--------Renault-------------------------------61
6-----Nick Heidfeld----------German---------BMW Sauber---------------------60
7-----Heikki Kovalainen-----Finnish--------McLaren-Mercedes---------53
8-----Sebastian Vettel------German--------STR-Ferrari------------------------35
9-----Jarno Trulli---------------Italian----------Toyota-----------------------------…

Drama addiction--

My Lucky Star 放羊的星星
It's really a great drama with great songs. I know these things don't happen in real life. But, still nice haha xD
Jimmy Lin 林志穎 as 仲天騏
Yoo Ha Na 유하나 劉荷娜 as 夏之星
放羊 is quoted from 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf' bcos 放羊 means to be a shepherd. In 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf', the sheperd boy cried wolf 3 times and when the wolf really came, no one believed him. 放羊 means to lie.
星星 is quoted from 夏之星's name.
So 放羊的星星 means Lying 夏之星 actually hahahah

Like the boy who cried wolf, 夏之星 had lied one too many times. So when she did tell the truth, nobody believed her except for the most unlikely person, 仲天騏, a runaway young master of a jewelry empire. His belief in her inspired her to become a real jewelry designer instead of a lying, scheming jewelry con artist. In the process, she taught him the real value of jewels that he is destined to inherit.

仲天騏 is a F1 car racer in the drama. And that is so awesome, cos Jimmy Lin is a real professional car racer in re…

Alumni Camp 2008 (FOR SEC 2 ONLY!!)

The Alumni Camp was super fun!!!!!!! i mean seriously. really fun.
Day 1
I was a little late... Reached thr, saw many balloons. Knew we had to pop them.
*Sighz* You can't really do anything else with balloons, right?
After we were grouped, we played games... And wow. I actually think that walking on flat land while blindfolded is scarier than overcoming obstacles blindfolded.
Weird thinking heh. Slept at 12+ though the schedule said 10.30
Slept between Kah Wei and Verbena (though I shld say I 'made' Kah Wei slp with me xD)

Day 2
AH SHIT. can't really rmb. cos it's more than a few days before. NOW JUST WHAT DID I DO? i just realized i shld have done sth to make more memorable. (like sth bad yeah?)
Oh right. we were supposed to wake up at 7.30am, but that Verbena actually woke me up at 6.45am. ZZZ
then i rolled about and got up at 7am. Kah Wei and Verbena went to Kampong Glam in the morning after breakfast... We went to Sec AVA and listened to a jiejie who's a dentist. She…


low iq!

Your IQ Is 95

Your Logical Intelligence is Average

Your Verbal Intelligence is Exceptional

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Above Average

Your General Knowledge is Average

A Quick and Dirty IQ Test

The Oobleck Journey

Oobleck. meaning NON-NEWTONIAN FLUID
Thanks to Ten Cheer, I finally realized that I had been playing with it all along while my mum was making kuey.
Now, run along and check out this cool videos.

I also tried to make the fluid, known as 'watery dough' to aunties.
It's really fun and easy (though messy). Just get a container and add cornstarch and water in the ratio of 2-3:1. I'm not sure if cornstarch is cornflour, but I replaced it with cornflour and it worked. I also added some red food colouring and it ended up looking like strawberry ripple ice-cream.

The star [GOO!]
I put it on the cloth.
The cloth absorbed some moisture and I could pick it up easily as a solid, but soon dripped.
I put it in the freezer.
It hardened.
My body temp melted it.
I put it in the toaster oven.
It dried and hardened up. I used a fork to poke it open.
The food colouring sank to …

;( sorry, and thanks.

Ytd,I received the terrible news. I cried a lot. I felt terrible.
However, I discovered. This is when friendship comes into place.
Friends, not only make you better, they also pull you back on track.

"You've been a great friend. Thanks"
"What're friends for?"
Idk. These words just felt very nice. Thanks Charlene.
"I never knew you're so nice!!"
And WeiWei too.

And today, I was surprised. I dunno why, after the extraordinarily difficult HCL paper, I just felt like taking 265 to AMK.
It was hard to get those words out to Angelique. "I didn't get in." But I still did.

Everyone squeezed, but some ppl couldn't get on. Saw Charlyn, Ying Tong, Hong Lan so I silently stood beside them.
At the bus-stop at AMK Hub, lots of ppl, including Hong Lan got down. Ying Tong and Charlyn were hesitating whether to alight. They finally decided to, since the door isn't closed yet. I just followed them down...
They suddenly ran so fast, I thought they were…

To my bestest of best friends, I love you.

I'm sorry... I won't be meeting you there.
I'm very sorry. I've already tried my best.
I'm extremely sorry.

This is the first time I've fought so hard for something I wanted.
But I realized not everything goes the way I had imagined.
I saw the results. I didn't want to believe it. I prayed that it was a mistake.
But I can't change reality.

I'm now angry... Angry at myself.
I won't yell at anyone. It's only me to blame. But in case I do, here I apologize first. Please forgive me.

At the very least, I've known a friend through the process. Thank you for being with me. Won't be joining whatever CCA with you. Shall be continuing the fetish though (:

I hope you will understand if I suddenly cry. Don't be shocked if I do.
I regret I did not perform well enough to get in. But I will never regret my decision to try.

Best wishes to Qian Yi. Good luck in your new school.

Although I really don't want to believe this, I have no choice. I can't ju…


Phew.. i passed! At least I didn't fail right -.-
Got a 113/150 -pretty lousy
But after i knew that my piano teacher's son Ralph got 107 i felt much better xD
He was right after me that day. (secretly hoping he won't ever see this)

~Aah, the fetish!


I saw Mr ho peng kee ytd 1/10
He was like 'hello', shook hands with my mum.
I was thinking "WHO ARE YOU?!" then suddenly rmb-ed that the guy in the hari raya poster behind him is very familiar.

On the way home, my mum was wondering if ho peng kee felt the calluses on her hand. Then i told her smooth hands aren't good.
Why? Bcos during Jap occupation, the Jap arrested whoever has smooth hands/pens/wears specs cos that meant educated people (who might .
And the conclusion: Studying is bad - it might get you arrested.

~Always remembering Mr JBJeyaretnam
PS why do I always know of some person only after his death?

Chicken Soup.

Drink/read it - to de-stress.

The Timetable
29/9Mon - EL(I) + Geography*
30/9Tue - HCL(I) + History*
2/10Thu - Science + EL(II)
3/10Fri - Math
6/10Mon - E.Lit*
7/10Tue - HCL(II)
8/10Wed - MEP/Drama*
Legend: * - subjects I suck at

Geog and Hist were horrible, seriously.
Today was Science and English Paper 2.
I thought the Science paper was the easiest paper so far. But apparently it did not seem so to the rest.
English was okay... But the terrible thing was the summary shld be 150 words, but i got only 129.
Sianz. Today I didn't bring my wallet again... Leading to slight gastric pain -.-

These few days been addicted to some stuff... E.g playing with the tennis ball, kajiao-ing almost all my friends.
Like in the Archie comics, Dilton had stuff to do for people while Reggie had stuff to do TO people. So probably I'm the Reggie kind. HAH

And I've decided that a digital clock is much nicer against the background than an orange clock that drips citric acid. So there.

Deleted the tagbox and…


ZOMG! he who does not wish to be named.

Listen to WeiHan sing! (duet with Emily)
It's uber nice although he claims that he has gone off-key for some parts.
Performed at NUSHS Family Night or sth.
Apart from the screams it's really beautiful...
Told him I'd start to idolize him xD heehee

x( no one ever tags me on quizzes so sad...GAH
hope i pass the interview!


Gosh! I can't believe my blog was left right thr for 3 mths.

Okay. Few hours ago, i went to NUS High Sch of Math and Science. Had to to write on the topic "I see Maths in everyday life".
Some time after the test, a guy led me to the meeting rm 2 in the admin office. That's whr i waited anxiously for my interview.
Haha. That big guy was fun. A boy who was playing with his Rubik's cube was gonna sit down to wait for his turn. The NUSH guy said "THAT'S MY SEAT!!"
And the 'innocent' boy actually stood up and said sorry.
That's when the big guy hahaahahahahaahahaha-ed. That was pretty funny.

So there. Wish me luck!!

*haven't finished studying for exams* =.-
Aw CRUMBS, I dropped my calculator approx 5 times in a row now the shift button can't work!!!!!!!!!

The trip to China was fun, and i didn't wanna come back... made some friends from Faith&Truth: Kah Wei, Melberly, Kar Yee, Vanessa, Geraldine, Gui Xian, Hsin Inn, Samantha, Angelina, Audrey, Yuen Ping, Wan Qi, etc.

XueRou, Angelina, me (sry for trying to make the whole picture look ugly xD)

初二(三)班 form teacher Chen Xiao Chun (he sang on stage with Linlaoshi!)

Went to Malaysia during last wk of hols. It was boring for the first 2 days, cos only ahma was thr. No cousins to play with me, nth to do either. Luckily my cousin's family came from Sungai Petani and had dinner with us. And i went back to their house with them. It was fun fooling around with those kids (my nephews). Yi Jie and Yi Zhen are so cute, other than being naughty? Whatever... since i'm bad too. Nyahahahaa! We spent lots of time watching movies: The Water Horse & Kungfu Master. Then i watched 一休和尚. That…
HI! i recently found a damn-damn-damn-nice ANIME called: DNAngel
btw, i didn't go online or post for a long time cos my com spoiled. i think that's bcos one day i was deleting files. I THINK

haha, Mr Teoh's nice, though he's pretty weird. think I'll like Chem this year. i like balancing chemical equations ;D
"Hohoho. He he he. Merry Christmas."


A poor bird was murdered by a crow in the sch during mass. But luckily its companion was rescued. They bought another birdie to accompany it. Rest in peace.
Now let's mourn. Sorry for the late dedication.

(mood switch)
YIPPEE! it was fun! i took mrt to sembawang with sharon, then joanna's dad drove us to Science Center. he was really diff from my dad. cos my dad drove at 100km/h while he drove at 60 km/h. BIG DIFFERENCE he always put the signals. Had fun making bacteria glow like jellyfish, eating mcdonalds, touching the parrots, going to i-space and waterworks.
But missed the fun at the waterworks cos i didn't bring extra clothes ;(
took mrt home with zhang di & xin yun


YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 JUSTICE 2008
sharon's in my class! and i'm deskmate with her again (in pri 6 we went to same chi tuition)

On the 1st morning jog, someone bumped into me and i fell ;( boohoo my knee hurts... OUCHHH! she asked me if i was alright. i regretted that i told her i was fine! unusually, it's reddish with a yellowish dent. WALAU!PAINFUL! esp when i put medicine ;(
zhenzhen forbid me to tear the dead skin off, but i still did. HAHA
;( now it really hurts. sob
ouuchr. still in the midst of pain.

teddy!goodnight, xXx, byebye.