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Alumni Camp 2008 (FOR SEC 2 ONLY!!)

The Alumni Camp was super fun!!!!!!! i mean seriously. really fun.
Day 1
I was a little late... Reached thr, saw many balloons. Knew we had to pop them.
*Sighz* You can't really do anything else with balloons, right?
After we were grouped, we played games... And wow. I actually think that walking on flat land while blindfolded is scarier than overcoming obstacles blindfolded.
Weird thinking heh. Slept at 12+ though the schedule said 10.30
Slept between Kah Wei and Verbena (though I shld say I 'made' Kah Wei slp with me xD)

Day 2
AH SHIT. can't really rmb. cos it's more than a few days before. NOW JUST WHAT DID I DO? i just realized i shld have done sth to make more memorable. (like sth bad yeah?)
Oh right. we were supposed to wake up at 7.30am, but that Verbena actually woke me up at 6.45am. ZZZ
then i rolled about and got up at 7am. Kah Wei and Verbena went to Kampong Glam in the morning after breakfast... We went to Sec AVA and listened to a jiejie who's a dentist. She seemed to be extremely busy.
Later, i made 2 holey soon kuehs before succeeding.
Afternoon, my turn to go to Chinatown. Thien Hock Keng! haha we made a joke out of it. cos HuiLian jiejie said ask the driver if it's Thien Hock Keng and get on the bus. and we thot the driver's name is Thien Hock Keng. but they were all Indians. I was thinking HUH? one of them is Thien Hock Keng?
Then we reached thr and i finally knew that the temple is Thien Hock Keng. I went there before! wahahaha it's Tian Fu Gong. and then to some other places around Chinatown that we don't know. I'm ashamed to say that some things have intentionally been blocked by vending machines and stalls.
Evening, dinner. It was the most scrumptious meal throughout the camp. We went back to MPR1 and sang songs. Wah suddenly so many jiejies. Even jiefus haha. A guitaring jiefu too. Singing jiejie + guitaring jiefu = COOL!
xD one pop song and one lao ge, and so on...
It was probably the most fun thing we did at the camp. Like, mass karaoke-ing you know? That's how i got my current msn display name anyway.
"`Cookie Monster! ;D There's not a cookie in SesameSt that we can't eat"
It was quoted from High Sch Musical: Breaking Free
It goes sth like that "Soaring Flying There's not a star in heaven that we can't reach If we're trying So we're breaking free" and cos I totally love the mint chocolate cookie i bought from the girl guide Wan Qi. Wah last day of sch she kicked me "real hard" HAHA.
Lights out. But almost all of us were watching 'Big Fat Liar'. The main star is Jason acted by Frankie Muniz [known as Cody Banks in another movie]. Well, in this movie he's younger, meaning BFL is older. Quite nice, the movie.

Day 3
just a Family Dance. *wobble


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