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I went for Jasmine OYY's YEC BGM at Bishan J8 so I could watch the Scorch Trials for $4 :D Piriya, her sister Piriytha, Teng Khun, Shermaine, Pengfei, Yu Xin and Athirah were also there. Then Jas, Piriya, TK, Sher, PF, YX and I went to Ambush to have lunch.

Jas told us how she was disappointed in her pri sch friends of 10 years because one cancelled only one day before because she had to study, and the other one initially confidently claimed that she would be able to come alone when the first friend wasn't coming. But she was late, and cancelled at the last minute because she didn't want to enter alone and last. And worse, Jas asked her mum to wait for her to bring her in so she wouldn't be the last to come in alone. And because of that, Jas' mum didn't get to see Jas getting elected into the YEC. I thought it was a little to exaggerating for Jas to feel so hurt because of this, because so many people have this bad habit of latecoming and sometimes pangsehing.


I had originally wanted to write all about my Japan trip in June, but I didn't feel the urge to settle down and compose a good, long, detailed description of my experiences there. My laziness is the worst.

A few thoughts:
1. Singapore has so much to learn from Japan. E.g. recycling efforts. There are recycling bins EVERYWHERE, but it's funny that it's much more difficult to find a general waste bin around Japan. Potential improvements for Singapore: split ALL the bins (those recycling bins at void decks are just lumped into one big recycling bin oh my gosh -.-) into the categories paper, cans, plastic, general, and hopefully glass though there's not much glass items nowadays.
Another thing I've felt from the Japan trip is that the design of many things are very thoughtful. The user can really see the meticulousness of the designer. When I used the things, I really felt the convenience. I can't really give a good example because I've already forgotten. But I sti…