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I had originally wanted to write all about my Japan trip in June, but I didn't feel the urge to settle down and compose a good, long, detailed description of my experiences there. My laziness is the worst.

A few thoughts:

1. Singapore has so much to learn from Japan.
E.g. recycling efforts. There are recycling bins EVERYWHERE, but it's funny that it's much more difficult to find a general waste bin around Japan. Potential improvements for Singapore: split ALL the bins (those recycling bins at void decks are just lumped into one big recycling bin oh my gosh -.-) into the categories paper, cans, plastic, general, and hopefully glass though there's not much glass items nowadays.

Another thing I've felt from the Japan trip is that the design of many things are very thoughtful. The user can really see the meticulousness of the designer. When I used the things, I really felt the convenience. I can't really give a good example because I've already forgotten. But I still remember the feeling Japan gave me. Seems like the saying that 'people forget what you say and do, but they don't forget how you made them feel' is true.

Even the manholes in Japan are artistic. They have nice designs (and some are even coloured) of flowers.

The system in Japan heavily relies on the integrity of the Japanese. For example, I lost my train pass on the train on the second day of arriving in Osaka, so I couldn't tap out of the station. I had to tell the staff that I lost the card so he can let me out. When you buy a single trip ticket at the ticketing machine, the amount of money paid is according to the distance of travel, so if you buy a ticket for only one station, but you actually travel a really long distance, you can tell the staff you lost the card, and you actually cheat them of money. I imagine the colossal amount of revenue lost by this method if it were to be implemented in Singapore. I really am impressed by Japanese's integrity. Thumbs up.

2. Free flow of iced water and green tea everywhere. It's really a big difference from Singapore where you might actually have to pay to buy even a glass of water. Perhaps Singaporean F&B owners are stingy, or they want to encourage customers to purchase other beverages that are more costly. The longer I stayed in Japan, I got more and more disappointed with the things in Singapore.

3. Japanese are so polite, and their service is really good. Cashiers make sure they read out the amount of money required, and count the money correctly and surely to you. Even when there's a long queue, they still speak without rush, and do their service right. But I must say that if I'm in a rush and the cashiers still churn out long sentences I would be frustrated. But they never scold you or 
And I had to remember to place the cash in the tray on the counter instead of handing them the cash directly. Unless there's too much change and I need their help to count the money haha.
Oh yes, and there are lots of PRCs who work in the service industry in Japan!!!! The moment I said "那顶帽子丑到要死" and you see the shopkeeper smile, I knew she was Chinese. Lol.


I've recorded my experiences in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo in my photo album named "KL 10-6-2015, Japan 11 to 17-6-2015" on Fb. I took so many photos that I ran out of space on my phone and had to delete many apps. Those pictures will speak many words for me. :)

P.S. Spotted Dr William Tan in Japan at a train platform. Took pictures of him secretly haha.


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