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I went to Yishun Public Library from 11am to 3pm for CIP! Nth difficult, bcos nobody donated any music CDs. I found a bookmark in the book I was reading, and I admit that it was actually the bookmark that attracted me to read the book. Haha! It was about a girl growing wings, literally. People have wanted to fly before they invented aeroplanes, but if somebody really had wings, we'd all see him as some freak and put him in an exhibition.
The bookmark made nice shadows on the table, bcos of the mutiple lights in the lib. I counted 6 shadows.

To Yuan Ting, I'm definitely not a weirdo for liking the sky.


I watched "Koizora" (movie). There are some differences in the plot btwn the movie and drama. I think if they're combined, it would make an even better "Koizora". I prefer the the male lead in the movie and the female lead in the drama. I think everybody shld watch the movie before the drama. I watched it in the wrong order, thus making the experience watching the movie less interesting as the plot is almost the same.

I think it's really possible that the world is going to end in 2012. If we continue causing destruction, we're ultimately going to cause our own death. We can see news of floods, earthquakes, typhoons, landslides almost every day. They're all effects of our doings. And just now, I was washing my shoes and was a little shocked, bcos the water was nearly as hot as hot spring water.


Sports carnival today, red house got 2nd. Gah. I saw lots of painted fingernails, esp black. Girls...
Then we went to the Toa Payoa site. I like it more than the AMK site. :) It reminds me of AIPS. Small, but lively.

I went to K-Box for the first time, with Qianyu, Saman and Yu Fang. :D It was quite fun, haha. First time singing into a microphone, so I'm not used to my voice coming out from the speaker. It sounds so different from singing with no mike. But $14.50 for 5h of songs, drinks, finger food and fruits is a little too expensive.

Today's sky
I've just finished watching "Koizora" (drama).
It simply increased my hate for cancer. And road accidents, although the drama had nth to do with it.

I've always loved the sky. Now, even more, after influence from Mika in "Koizora". The sky was esp beautiful in the mornings I was almost late for school. Haha.

Honey and Clover 2 Ep 3
014 The Million Dollar Cat (TnJGoldenCollection)
This is weird, but I just rmbed sth from Body Worlds.
17 Nov 2009 Tue
The guy who did some demo intro said that for foetuses more than 3 months, when they are aborted, their head will be crushed first. OMG. How could I forget that? D; It's so cruel.
Many mosquitoes today. Owch.

Jolene changed her blog URL (AGAIN). We discussed about blog URLs and I suggested or even (jokingly, or else she would kill me). Well, of course they were alrdy taken (and dead -.-). I visited and Orangebob said (quotes Orangebob) "I HATE PINK, ALL SHADES OF PINK! IF I ATTACK YOU SUDDENLY BECAUSE YOU ARE WEARING PINK, YOU ASKED FOR IT!!"

No comments, really.
According to the LHT dictionary, the definition of kids is: those who make annoyingly disturbing noises during a concert.

Annyeong haseyo! (Walau, this word has been stuck in my head for a few days)

Today, I went to "The Joy of Music Making" (A Piano Concert for the Young at Heart) presented by La Petite Touche Ensemble. And on the programme booklet, we see an image of Farmville, an app on FB (what the...?) Haha, the piano teacher, also founder of LPTE, Mr Wong is hooked up to Farmville. This is really LOL.

Hereby, I proclaim my love for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Frederic Chopin. Okay, more like I proclaim my love for their compositions. Chopin: Nocturne in Eb major Opus 9 No.2! <3 (Note: Chopin is pronounced as sho-pun, not cho-pin)

And HEY! The shiny girl (what's her name?) played "The Flight of the Bumblebee"! ;D Shan complained of hunger, and we stopped at Burger King to have our dinner. For the first time, I'm really sick of fries. SICK OF FRIED FOOD…
Thanks Jolene and TYT for your suggestions. However, I won't watch Gossip Girl bcos I dislike angmohs and I won't rewatch BOF bcos I don't rewatch.


Okay, I'm actually watching cartoons now! Isn't that pleasant to hear?
All the childhood memories...

I've watched the Pink Panther and Smurfs. (PINK PANTHER ROCKS!)
I'm gonna watch Spongebob squarepants, Tom and Jerry, Roadrunner and Looney Tunes.

Signing off,
Pink Panther
Ahnnyonghaseyo! :D

I've finished watching Woody Sambo and I'm not sure what to watch next. Any suggestions?

Here's the list of holiday HW:
SS TB & WB Ch 1
E Geo WS (from AsknLearn)
HCL WS (from AsknLearn)
Chem Metals WS (behind notes)
Lit "AMND" essays in point form - P276 Plot Q3, P277 Chars Q1, P278 Themes Q4, P279 Themes Q11; read "To Kill a Mockingbird" & do handout
EL O Level Trial Exam Papers

Upcoming events:
17 Nov Tue: Body Worlds & The Cycle of Life 9.30am-12.30pm Science Centre
21 Nov Sat: HCCO interaction
22 Nov Sun: The Joy of Music-Making 4pm The Lee Foundation Theatre, NAFA (151 Bencoolen St S(189656))
25 Nov Wed: Sports carnival
28 Nov Sat: Kebun Baru Chinese Orchestra 10th Anniversary Victoria Concert Hall
My left ear hurts... D; I don't think I'll be able to pierce my ears for some time. But anyway, it'll have to be after 25 Nov.

Still watching 无敌珊宝妹! :D
Today was O Level CL paper. It was okay. GAH.

I cut my fringe myself ytd. It's a little failed, but HAHA! as long as I clip it up, nobody can see! Anw, it's only A LITTLE failed. So quite okay. Who knows, I can become a hairdresser! ;D
Sunday 1 Nov 2009
Mommy and I went cycling around Yishun Park. In the 2nd round, I was too near to the side of the pavement and I fell, resulting in 2 blue-blacks, 1 of which is the biggest in my life. I also scraped other parts of my body like my left little finger, palms, tummy and thighs. OUCH.

Sunday 8 Nov 2009
I've just finished Smiling Pasta ytd and I loved it! :D I'm liking Nicholas Teo now and I'm now watching Woody Sambo. I also watched the YES 93.3FM 金曲奖! Jing Wong won 1 of the 4 best newcomer awards. Congratulations!