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Hello everybody, I'm back! :)

I boarded the plane and I sat at the window seat. There was a tiny baby cockroach stuck in the window from the outside. It was WHITE.
Xiao jiu drove us from the airport to ahma's house. Wedding preps were alrdy going on.

ASSAM LAKSA ROCKS!! I decided to eat laksa every day in Penang. :)

Xiao jiu's wedding day! In the morning, I went to Xiao jiu mu's house in one of the 8 to 10 cars lined up in a line. Due to some belief in the zodiac, I wasn't supposed to directly face them. Sigh. In the evening, we went to the dinner at the 2nd level of some restaurant. I took the flower the people welcoming the guests were supposed to wear on their shirt and put it on mine instead :)

I forgot what I did.

I went to the pasar malam in Nibong Tebal with Xiao jiu, Xiao jiu mu and Daddy. It was super wow. :D I saw many nice clothes, but I didn't buy any because Mommy wasn't there with me. D; We bought a …
I will be in Penang, Malaysia from 23-12-2009 to 30-12-2009.
First time going on budget airline, JetStar. The flight is at 3.05pm.
Happy wedding, uncle! :D
As a Harry Potter fan, I actually don't want for magic to be real, because I don't want to see Death Eaters flying outside my window and I don't want to be a Muggle.

I LOVE TUDOU! I searched "Family's Honour" on Google, but not even Youtube has it. Viikii is failing too. But Tudou! IT WORKS! YAY!
I accidentally dropped the W.A. Mozart magnet. His head and the head of the violin broke.
I'm sorry, Mr Mozart. I'm trying to glue you back right now.
Ytd, my left ear was damn itchy and my mom said this means an infection. D; If the experience is too horrible, I probably won't get the 2nd pair of earholes.

I think I finally know why I'm so fat. It's bcos I keep drinking water before I go to bed. So I'm swollen... -.-
10 Dec 2009

11 Dec 2009

I just pierced my ears at 2.55pm. The gun was really fun to play with. The pain is about the same as an injection, but it doesn't die down as fast as an injection. I would advise everybody not to think too much before the piercing, or else... there will be much mental torture. I was horrified before I pierced my ears, which made my dad annoyed.
To my friends: if you ever want to pierce your earhole, buy the earstuds and come to my house. I've tried it! It's completely safe.

Sigh I was wondering when the next tag would be... After so long, finally Jolene came by and commented on nail polish.

I'm watching E.U./学警狙击 and after watching 学警雄心 and 学警出更, I'm now liking Sammul Chan hahaha. But he's kind of old. After some time, my heart will go back to Seung Ri, as usual.
Ytd, I went to godmother's house and found my godbro hogging the com again. zzz... Damn bored ytd, cos i forgot that the SPD Charity Show was airing and thot that it was the korean drama. Sighs. I should have went to Jurong Point too...
On the way back, the moon was nice and big. :D I was staring at it until a black cloud blocked it. Then it floated away. Gahs, actually idk whether it was black or not, since it was around midnight and the sky was dark. Maybe I've been reading too many cheem stuff or the emo MSN display msgs of others, but it kind of signifies that whatever bad things you're experiencing, just hang on and it'll soon be over. :)
I saw the traffic police's motorbikes and a taxi with it's boot crushed. OMG. I HATE CAR/BUS CRASHES. It reminds me of my cousin. KNS. I HATE RECKLESS DRIVERS.

1 Dec 2009
I went to Northpoint with my mommy and her friend. This is only the 2nd time I stepped into The Face Shop, but it's alrdy my favourite shop now! Why? Bcos I heard Stylish (FILA) by BIGBANG when I was there! :D It's a Korean shop, but the things there are reasonably priced. The nail polish there rocks. Totally. I tried some testers and there was one with glitter and coloured stars inside. It was hard to get the stars out though. I think they shld separate the nail polish and the stars so that ppl can stick the stars on themselves.