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Hi. I'm typing from hall right now. It's 1.02am now, and later tonight we'll be having ENCORES aka Combined Hall Ensemble Concert.

Ytd was bump-in day, and Shannon said our Dance Macabre was "going to fall apart any time" so we had extra last minute practice until 11.30pm. I'm a bit sad because I couldn't play the fast quaver staccatos on my erhu properly. Mine were uneven and not detached, because my up bow and down bow are uneven. :( But Hao Yang can do it. So it's been decided that I won't be playing the staccato parts. When I said "Okay I don't play.", Zhen Ning said "A little piece in her just broke." It's true. I hadn't expected to feel like this. I haven't been practising enough. I feel like I've just been merely hoping to pass everything in my life. I have higher expectations for myself, but I just don't put in a corresponding amount of effort. Sigh. I didn't have enough self practice during …