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Awesome drama, although it didn't mention 沛沛 and 書書's blood or organ compatibility. Last ep is especially touching. Cried like mad. This drama is rare in that the ghost theme is really interesting. 沛沛 and 書書's bromance is the highlight of the show, and is much stronger than the love between the boys and the girl. This is also why I think the title 我的鬼基友 is more appropriate than the alternate title 我的灵界男友. Initially watched this because of Jasper Liu, but this drama gave me a pleasant surprise :)

少年神探狄仁杰 Young Sherlock, May Who?

Watched May Who? at GV Bishan with Jasmine and Shermaine. IT'S REALLY FUNNY! I liked it. :) GTH movies never disappoint me. I now have the urge to take Thai 2 next sem.

Just finished watching this drama. I really love 狄仁杰、王元芳、童梦瑶、狄二宝, but 元芳 and 梦瑶 died in the last ep. It made me cry so much when they died. I really hate 李婉青 for putting their lives in danger!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it was the previous emperor who killed her aunt, and in turn causing her mother to plan revenge. It wasn't even the current emperor, and she had to get so hung up on revenge at the most crucial time. Wts! She totally let the other people down. In the end, she went to the temple to settle and become a nun, but she didn't sufficiently learn the essence of Buddhism when she stayed there for so many years previously. She wasn't even born at the time of the incident, so she wouldn't have suffered the direct emotional impact of it. Perhaps it's because she had grown up watchi…